Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Northern Battle Front - 30 March 2009


Intense fighting in north of Palamathalan; a senior sea tiger leader killed; 13 LTTE bodies found

Troops of 55 Division, operating in north of Palamathalan to rescue the innocent Tamil civilians held in no fire zone, have already breached the LTTE built earth bund and continued their offensive beyond the earth bund by last evening, 29 March, inflicting heavy damages to the enemy, latest military report received from the battlefront said.

LTTE terrorists unable to face the effective offensive push have fled the area leaving the bodies of LTTE cadres killed in hours-long fighting took place in the area, military sources added.

Intercepting LTTE communication channels, it is learnt that a senior sea tiger leader known as Uththaman who commanded the ground battle making desperate attempt to hold the area was also killed during the battle.

In subsequent search operation conducted in the area following the intense fighting, troops have found 13 bodies of LTTE terrorists killed along with more military items left behind by the fleeing terrorists.