Friday, May 1, 2009

Liberals and NDP in a race to inherit Tiger legacy in Canada

Canada’s left wing political party NDP has quickly becoming a victim of Tamil Tigers. It is becoming very clear that NDP is having problems with understanding and separating issues of Tamil Tigers and the issues of Tamils in Sri Lanka. It also seems NDP is fully unaware of fact that Canadian Tamil Congress blocked NDP Tamil candidates in the previous elections just to pave the way for future pro-LTTE candidate from Liberal party of Canada. Meanwhile we have to wait and see how far in the ladder a donation of CDN$ 50,000 could take Theo Anthony in the Liberal Party of Canada.

Toronto, 01 May, ( Another attempt by Tamil Tigers to hijack Canadian Conservative government failed miserably on Tuesday April 21, 2009. After weeks of protests waving LTTE flags unsuccessful protesters hide their flags on Tuesday in order to bring Canadian politicians out of the parliament; to address the gathering but failed adding more stress to their agony. Also Canadian parliament rejected the idea of having another emergency debate on Sri Lanka as suggested by Gim Karigiyanis and Albina Guaneri MPs of Liberal party of Canada.

Only politician caught on the LTTE trap was the New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton. On Tuesday Mr. Layton addressed the same crowd those who on the previous day carried Tamil Tiger flags and chanted "Prabakaran is our leader". In that sense Jack Layton became the first Canadian political party leader to address a terrorist rally in Canada.

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