Friday, May 1, 2009

Miliband and Kouchner- failed to enter the No Fire Zone, will they now campaign against Sri Lanka to please the Tamil Diaspora.

What has Kouchner and Miliband got to do in Sri Lanka ? They should be in Afghanistan and Iraq where their soldiers are at the receiving end of bullets from Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists.

Kouchner is not a very forward looking man. He cannot evaluate a situation to suggest progressive solutions. He interferes into countries without allowing them to find solutions for political problems on their own. He finds simple solutions without considering the after effects of such solutions. Breaking up States to weaken their political power is Kouchner’s speciality. He supported USA military intervention in Iraq without UN approval.

He was the man who instigated Kosovo to break away from the Belgrade Orbit. Speaking in Kosovo he said, "'Now the time has come to look forward," Kouchner began, sitting under an Albanian banner.' You have fought for a better Kosovo, a Kosovo where people can lead a peaceful and happy life."

In an article- Solona and Kouchner push Kososvo “Independence” Jared Israel wrote ,

“The main thing that has happened since Kouchner took over Kosovo is that between 300,000 and 400,000 Serbs, "Gypsies", non-Albanian Muslims, anti-fascist Albanians and Jews have been driven from their homes. Most are now refugees, mainly in Serbia. Some died crossing the Adriatic. Some stayed in Kosovo, barricaded in, fearful of every knock at the door. Some have been kidnapped or murdered.

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