Facts about Sri Lanka

Facts about Sri LankaFacts about Sri Lanka Population

Population: 19 million
Population density: 300 people per sq km (Colombo – 3000 people per sq km)
Adult literacy: 90%
Life expectancy: men – 69.8 yrs; women – 75.4 yrs
Unemployment 10%
Gross Domestic product 6 % real growth
Average per capita income US$ 850 per annum

Facts about Sri Lanka Climate and Geography

Land area: 66,000 sq. km
Length: 353 km
Width 183 km
Climate: tropical
Monsoon rain seasons: May – August (affects the South West of the Island) & October – January (affects the North East of the Island
Highest mountain: Pidurutalaga in Nuwera Eliya – 2,524 m
Longest river: Mahaweli – 335 m
Average temperature: 27 C in the low-lying coastal regions including Colombo; 20?C in Kandy
Average humidity: During the hot season (March – June) 75%
Time zone: GMT +6 hours