Can Hindu Nationalist Modi Play Saviour Of Tamils In Sri Lanka?

By Siritunga Jayasuriya

Siritunga Jayasuriya

Siritunga Jayasuriya

The coming state check out of India&#8217s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Sri Lanka, and the red carpet welcome accorded to him, such as the ceremonial speech to the Sri Lanka&#8217s parliament, is certainly a undesirable omen for all the democratic minded, left and progressive forces of this nation.

As International Socialists the United Socialist Party (CWI &#8211 Sri Lanka) stands for the best of co-operation, understanding and solidarity with the neighbouring nations peoples, specially with India with whom the Folks of Sri Lanka share a widespread heritage, history and a frequent struggle for the emancipation of our oppressed peoples. USP stands and follows the rich tradition of the BLPI which had a reverberating effect on the anti-Imperialist struggle in both countries in the course of the People&#8217s Freedom Struggle against the British Imperialism in the sub-continent.

The USP has always stood steadfast and has separated itself from the forces of jingoism and appropriate-wing Nationalism from all the quarters, like the so called &#8220Marxist&#8221 JVP and its later day variants. But as a political force which unflinchingly stands for Socialism and its victory in the complete world the USP has stood by the struggles of the men and women in both lands. Be it the recent anti-nuclear struggle in Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu, anti-capitalist globalisation struggle against POSCO business in Odisha or the heroinic struggle of Human rights defender Irom Sharmila Chanu of Manipur against the draconian Armed Forces Unique Powers Act (AFSPA) which terrorises the peoples of North East and Kashmir occupied by India.

Maithri ModiThe whole history of USP in Sri Lanka is marked by its uncompromising stand on its assistance to the Proper of Self-Determination of the Tamils of North and the East, which includes and up to separation. But several a occasions the USP has stood alone in the whole country to patiently explain our stand point each to Tamils as well as Sinhala masses. During the infamous IPKF period, when the correct wing reaction amongst the Sinhala population was represented by Deshapremi movement, which opposed the India&#8217s intervention from a Sinhala communalist reactionary stand point.

We in the USP warned that &#8220the army of India is no liberator of the Tamils, they will turn their guns very quickly against the oppressed Tamils, India is here since of its sub-Imperialist ambitions and they will not tolerate a radical government in the North of Srilanka on their southern borders which could influence the Tamil Nadu masses&#8221, but our voice was isolated and even vehemently opposed not just by the Sinhala radicals but regrettably even the Tamil parties did not recognize our independent Socialist stand point.

Times have passed , but the history is repeating itself with a blatantly right variance, now the not only the Sinhala bourgeois and the petty-bourgeois but even the Tamil National Alliance is discovering typical cause in welcoming the utterly anti-minority, anti-muslim and one who stands firmly on the slogan of Hindu Rashtra, which is absolutely nothing but an aspiration of Indian Imperialism, which was hitherto latent.

If for some purpose the Tamil leadership of the North thinks that they have identified a saviour in Modi and would resolve the Tamil Nationality question for them, they are grossly mistaken. USP would like to warn the the misguided TNA and other forces, that Modi, the BJP or its consider tank doesn&#8217t even contemplate Tamils in India as nationality, they categorically state that it is a Language only. Therefore to expect the Modi magic wand to intervene here is absolutely nothing tom foolery. Modi &amp BJP unmistakably stand for the supremacy of Indian nation, which is according to them is Hindu Nation.

For those amongst the Sinhala proper, who consider that Modi is their function model and therefore they can do enterprise with him are also fully mistaken, Modi apart from being the pivotal head of Hindutva nationalist forces, is also also the brutal face of Corporate interests of India. For the BBS varieties who eulogise Modi and RSS, they have to realise that Buddhism according to the RSS is offshoot of Hinduism and not extremely distinct, and therefore they would play down the fact that historically Buddhism was rebellion against the Bramhinical upper caste supremacy of Hindutva forces.

It is in the peoples interests of Sri Lanka, that we find a frequent platform to fight against the tyrants of the region including Modi and our own ilk. It in this endeavour that we need to be with the progressive and struggling forces in Tamil Nadu and the rest of India, who are putting up a valiant fight against the Hindu Proper represented by Modi, BJP &amp RSS.

It is pity that thouse sections who introduce themselves as lefts are maintaining mum on this go to. It has been stated in numerous corners that defeated Mahinda Rajapaksa has been using facist kind methods to suppress the opposition. In that context Modi has shown much more functions of that nature.

USP unequivocally opposes the check out of Modi to Sri Lanka we get in touch with upon the oppressed masses Tamils, Muslims and Sinhala folks to voice their protest against the government of the day for providing such a welcome to an undeserving communal bigot who has the blood of the folks on his hands.

*Siritunga Jayasuriya &#8211 Basic Secretary of the United Socialist Party  (Sri Lankan section of the Committee for a Workers&#8217 International-[CWI])

Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged

Colombo Telegraph Feb 12th, 2015
The exclusive Tv interview of former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga (CBK) by &#8220SIRASA&#8221 Television couple of days ago can only be named vituperative and boastful in that, the total substance was Mahinda bashing and claiming credit in toto for the political maneuver in generating Maithripala Sirisena the President. We have not noticed Chandrika appearing in electronic media for some time and this was the 1st for many years. There doesn&#8217t appear to be any modify in her demeanor that of aristocratic arrogance and pretense.
Mahinda Rajapaksa, the all potent President a little more than a month ago is now the whipping boy of all and sundry. True, he and his regime mismanaged the country to the extreme that folks got frustrated and fed up with him regardless of obtaining the chance of becoming the greatest post worldwar (11) Sri Lankan leader who brought prosperity and peace to his country. He was digging his own grave by poor governance. The writer is not attempting to white wash or extend any sympathetic consideration whatsoever for all the MR incorrect doings. As the saying goes, even the Devil must get it&#8217s due. The Television anchor pointed out to CBK at the end of the interview, hadn&#8217t there been any excellent accomplished by MR? According to CBK it&#8217s nearly nothing at all !
According to CBK, seventy five percent of the war was won by her MR did only the balance twenty five %. So, she reluctantly gave a crumb of a credit to MR for finishing the war. The nation heard and saw on the 4th of February President Maithripala Sirisena in his address to the nation was gracious enough to credit the former President Rajapaksa and Common Fonseka for the war victory. The Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe too was not reluctant to mention it was MR who ended the war, whilst addressing the media subsequent to taking oaths. It is now public information that Ranil has told MR when he met him at Temple Trees in the wee hours of&nbsp9th January&nbspthat &#8220we have to shield you for what you have completed for our nation&#8221. That says everything.
What CBK knows but ignores in her favour is that 1 of the most ignominious defeats of the Sri Lankan forces happened throughout her leadership. While the Norwegians were purportedly attempting to work out a peace accord, in April 2000 the LTTE launched parallel attacks on the most fortified Sri Lankan Army camps in Elephant Pass and Ayakachchi and overran those overnight, killing over one particular hundred SL army guys. So much for CBK&#8216s claim for winning the war.
She failed to mention at the interview about her wisdom of PTOMS and her offer you to hand over the rule of north and east to Prabhakaran for ten years. Probably it was hassle-free to ignore those subjects.
If it was not for Mahinda Rajapaksa&#8217s single minded mission to defeat and eradicate terrorism from our land ,the democratic political alter that occurred in January 2015 would not have been possible. Nevertheless considerably efforts are taken by political rivals such as CBK to demean it ,this truth will be solidly embedded in the annals of Sri Lanka for the rest of it&#8217s history.
Contemplating the axis of Chandrika-Ranil-Sampanthan now in operation, a reconciliation approach based on the implementation in complete,the 13th amendment is in the books. Be that as it might, R. Sampanthan and his TNA proxies of the LTTE diaspora including Suren Surandiran of the GTF who is leaving no stone unturned to bring Mahinda Rajapaksa prior to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague on charges of genocide, will not give up their mission to have a federal state in the north and the east which would be the stepping stone for cessation.
According to current media reports, a decision has been taken to enable the public to see the Temple Trees to show the alleged luxury life the Rajapaksas&#8217 were living at the expense of the public. It is also recommended that the governing party take a tiny work to clear the more than grown scrub on the left side of the Parliament complex so that it would bring to view a foundation of a Presidential palace laid for a lavish Rs.700 million CBK project, which was abandoned by MR after public outcry. Also just prior to retirement she attempted to gift herself a block of prime land near the parliament complex through a cabinet paper submitted by Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.
The lust for power is quite visible at the interview. President Sirisena would have had no opportunity in contesting the presidency had there not been a legal impediment for CBK in contesting. She was fined three million rupees by the Supreme Court for involvement in the sale of land at water&#8217s edge. Her cronie Ronnie Peiris obtained for his business this 224 acre land for a song to make it a golf course. CBK was located guilty of abuse of energy by the supreme court. Men and women living in the Kotte and Kaduwela Municipality places are ever grateful for this court choice because the choice paved way for the MR government to completely resurrect the water retention network of canals and lakes in the region while creating recreation locations and stroll ways. One particular ought to bear in mind even the Parliament got flooded throughout heavy rains.
The bargains completed by Ronnie Peiris,the CBK crony, is far too a lot of to mention in detail. The Katunayake expressway project was previously awarded to Keangnam Ltd. throughout CBK presidency and it is alleged that the deal was manipulated by Ronnie Peries. The JHU and the JVP which are lambasting MR now for getting surrounded by deal makers ought to also look into regardless of whether CBK&#8217s deal makers are back in organization.
One would remember the every day power cuts more than 3 hours the nation faced during the prior UNP regime. The church in Puttlam did almost everything to stop the construction of the proposed coal energy plant and as a outcome the country was facing dire consequences by not having sufficient electrical energy. Neither Chandrika nor Ranil had the back bone to counter these disruptive elements. It is MR who took the bold choice to go ahead in spite of the protests. Similarly upper Kotmale was also launched in spite of protests from the environmental lobby. Norachcholai coal energy plant could have had its initial teething difficulties but it now bears the significant component of the load of power needed by our nation.
Neither the Mattala Airport nor the Hambantota harbor were fancy projects of Mahinda Rajapaksa as claimed by his detractors. As per international air security guidelines, a nation like ours need to have a second air port in the occasion of closure of one particular air port. We knowledgeable this draw back for the duration of the war when Katunayaka had to be closed many times and planes diverted to Chennai or Maldives costing additional fuel to Aircraft. The notion did not originate from MR .He only implemented it and the present location was selected when numerous other places close to Colombo have been offered up on account of objections from men and women. A Character like Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu could even prohibit Sri Lankan planes landing in Chennai in an emergency. There is no assurance that this would not happen in the future and it is no fantasy.
Similarly the port at Hambantota was a concept which prevailed for last 4 decades on account of the it&#8217s best location, being close proximity and halfway in the busy east west shipping lanes. Singapore is possessing a virtual monopoly as a bunkering port. Annual targeted traffic on this route is about 36000 ships and 4600 tankers. The busy shipping lane is just 12 miles off Hambantota port. The Sri Lankan government initial offered the project to India but they have been sensible to decline because it would have affected Indian ports such as Mumbai and Chennai. What is now essential is a concerted work to industry the port by providing greater solutions than other ports such as Singapore and lure the ships to the port than seeking for scapegoats.
Hambantota is the one particular of most economically backward locations in the country. The work to create the region is worthy of credit. It was a hotbed of militancy in the previous due financial deprivation and social injustices as the cast system. MR becoming born in the district might have had a particular bond with the region in him but other regions of the nation too ,specially the war torn north saw immense advantages extended to the war weary population in raising their common of living.
The regular of the net operate of the roads was raised to unprecedented levels in the course of MR regime.Lowering the distance among individuals, markets, services and information &#8211 or basically &#8216getting men and women connected&#8217 &#8211 is a great component of what economic development is all about.
Although virtual connectivity has turn out to be increasingly essential nowadays with the emergence of new communication avenues, a very good and reliable transport network remains vital. There is a very sturdy constructive correlation in between a country&#8217s economic development and the quality of its road network. The criticism that this is not a priority in Sri Lanka is coming from these who have no vision or else they just demand MR vilified claiming these road projects are grandiose.The alleged corruption on these road projects are not a explanation to vilify the vision. Those allegations are required to be investigated and proved. Let&#8217s not throw away the infant with bath water. The Colombo Jaffna and Colombo Kandy highways need to be provided priority in the economic plan of the new government. Who gets the contract for the projects is immaterial. The reconstruction of the rail road to Jaffna is a project accomplished by MR with foresight.
It was reported in the media that this government has the intention of probing the human rights violations that occurred in this nation in the course of the final phase of the war by way of an internal probe as an alternative to the UNHCR probe. It is the most welcome issue to do rather than enabling UNHCR to do it. Nevertheless, investigations need to not be restricted to the brief period of final phase of the war only. This is a trap laid by the Diaspora and the so known as international neighborhood. The probe ought to cover the entire period of the war against terrorism.
The prevention of Terrorism act implemented in 1983 throughout the JR regime led to unbridled torture of citizens not only in the north but in the south as properly. Nearly thirty thousand Sri Lankans in the prime of their youth perished following capture by Sri Lankan forces. Most of them found dumped on the road sides tortured and killed. There are big number of folks specially parents and wives nonetheless searching for justice for what occurred to their dear ones under the JR regime. The infamous Batalanda torture chambers come to a single&#8217s mind. It was the &#8220Abu Ghraib&#8221 of Sri Lanka. The commission which investigated the problem was really specific that RW was aware of the chambers existence. The report states &#8220Wickremesinghe and the SSP Nalin Delgoda, are indirectly responsible for the upkeep of areas of unlawful detention and torture chambers in homes at the Batalanda Housing Scheme&#8221. The commission strongly suggested to government of CBK to bring the wrong doers to book. It was strongly believed Douglas Peiris the Policeman who was in charge of the torture chambers have been given amnesty for his testimony against RW. The irony is that MR who is now getting accused of human rights violation in the course of his rule was a human rights campaigner who went to Geneva, to location just before the UNHCR the predicament in Sri Lanka at that time.
To mention just one particular of the many scams completed by RW regime in the two year period they were in energy 2001/02 Yasasiri Kasturiarachchci the powerful UNPer and businessman who obtained a loan of four.1 Billion from the Individuals&#8217s bank was provided a crooked bail out formula by then RW adviser and renowned fixer Paskaralingam through DR. Wickrama Weerasooriya an additional RW fixer to declare that the outstanding amount is not Rs.four.1 billion but one hundred million and Kasthuriarachchi to spend an amount of Rs.10 million from this outstanding amount and provided beneath is what CBK the President at that time had to say the Chairman of Peoples&#8217 Bank Lal Nanyakkara.
&#8220It is extremely unfair for a State Bank to extend privileges to an person, however politically strong he may be which are denied to other folks, much less influential.
I take into account such patronage to be a travesty of justice. I categorically state that the privileges not extended to others need to in no way be extended to Yasodha Group and any violation of this practice will be investigated into.
I also learn that your Board is taking into consideration reaching a settlement on the basis of the suggestions by this third party investigator&#8221.
As the Head of State, I severely warn you to desist from any unjustifiable settlement and any methods taken by the Bank, which lacks transparency, will be subject to a unique inquiry and dealt with severely.
It is in your best interest to strictly adhere to legal process via the Court of Law.&#8221 (Day-to-day News &#8211 February 2, 2004)
Prime Minister RW&#8216s attempt to send Navy Commander Karannagoda for a two weeks foreign trip so that two LTTE ships bringing arms for the LTTE deliver the goods safely was thwarted by CBK throughout the time the CFA was in operation.
Yet another astonishing point that baffles several men and women is that an important portfolio, if not the most crucial, Minister of Finance is held by a person indicted by the Supreme Court for funds laundering of Rs. 390 million. Whilst it is appropriate that a single is not guilty unless verified, a person with such allegations ought to have been kept out from any responsibility till the verdict is offered. In addition to, Ravi Karunanayake&#8217s past record as the trade minister does not warrant a larger responsibility to be given to him. He has grow to be popular for unmaking of institutions such as SATHOSA. It baffles me why a person like Dr. Harsha De Silva was not considered for this all important post. He is young and fresh blood devoid of dark clouds hanging over him. For that matter, Eran Wickramaratne would also have been a choice.
RW ought to really have accomplished an MR by dumping the out dated senile seniors such as John Amaratunga, Joseph Michael Perera, Jayawicrama Perera Et Al. as senior ministers.
John Amaratunga need to resign before the no confidence motion, if the governement is severe about god governance.
These are random thoughts which come to 1&#8217s thoughts when politicians in power speak of great governance. Seeing on Tv news the other day, CBK receiving a courtesy kiss from her childhood buddy RW one particular can’t but conclude to what brazen levels our politicians go to gain power.
These are the custodians of &#8220good governance&#8221.

Chinese Company Handling Port City Suspends Constructions Agrees To Totally Cooperate With GoSL

CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd – the Chinese business handling the constructions of the project has expressed their agreement to completely corporate with the government of Sri Lanka whilst announcing they have suspended the operations as per the instructions of the government.

Issuing an official statement concerning the suspension of the Port City project operate, CHEC has noted that they have received an official communique from the Secretary to the Ministry of Ports and Aviation, that has informed the business of the Cabinet selection produced to suspend the ongoing perform of the project.

Port CityThe firm has also noted that as instructed in the Ministry communique, they would also take immediate methods to submit valid permits and approval troubles by the relevant government authorities with regard to the project.

“We will be taking all necessary methods to give these requested documents as instructed by the Ministry of Ports, Buying and Aviation to abide by the notification received without prejudice to the legal rights of the organization beneath the agreements entered into with the government of Sri Lanka on September 16, 2014,” they have stated.

In addition, the organization has mentioned that they would fully cooperate with the GoSL and continue to adhere to the procedures and situations stipulated in the mentioned agreement such as the commitments contained in the authorized environmental impact assessment study.

The business has also noted that it would continue to comply with the law and adhere to the needed guidelines issued by the government for a mega development project of this nature.

Govt. clears Rakna Arakshaka Lanka and Avant Garde Maritime Services of any wrongdoing

The government yesterday cleared the names of Rakna Arakshaka Lanka and Avant Garde Maritime Solutions. Parliament was told that the setting up of the firms concerned, recruitment of personnel and the payment of taxes and other dues had been done correctly.

Leader of the Residence Lakshman Kiriella, reading out responses to a series of inquiries raised by JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake on Rakna Arakshaka Lanka and Avant Garde Maritime Solutions the earlier week, said that the Ministry of Defence had given permission to Rakna Arakshaka Lanka to deploy sea marshals. The organisation came below the purview of the Ministry of Defence. The organisation had recruited retired military officers. As the threat of sea pirates was escalating, the organisation had commenced deploying of sea marshals and it had accomplished so in accordance with the provisions and requirements stipulated by the International Maritime Organisation of the UN in the Circular MSC1/Circ/1443.

Rakna Arakshaka Lanka had been paying taxes due to the government regularly. It had paid more than Rs. 535 million to the government because 2011. In addition it had paid dividends to the Treasury. The amount of dividends paid by Rakna Arakshaka Lanka to the Treasury because 2011 exceeded Rs. 94 million, Minister Kiriella stated.


Central Bank of Sri Lanka – FRAUD IN 50 DAYS!!! THE Large Change!


The complete organization community was shocked with the blatant abuse of energy of the new Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran to assist his son-in-law Arjun Aloysius, resulting in the fund losing more than 2 billion Rupees.

The story is that the Central Bank’s lately announced 30-year Bond indicative rate has jumped from 9.5% to 12.five%. Perpetual Treasuries Capital (Pvt) Ltd, owned by and CEO is Arjun Aloysius, has bought and resold the bonds and produced millions if not billions on the identical day. Looks like an insider deal.

The principal bidder,&nbspMahendran&#8217s&nbspson-in-law who bid at 12.five%, naturally had inside information and&nbspas a result gained high income, exactly where as the banks and the other economic institutions who made their bids according to the public information provided by Central Bank lost out to the business owned by his son-in-law.

Also, for the duration of the last week many 5-10 year bonds at low rates were sold by CB Governors&#8217 son-in-law Arjun&#8217s organization and reinvested in the 30 year bond, since he had inside data from the Central Bank that the rates would go up to 12.five%.

Evidence of the unbelievable Bond price: docs/most recent_news/press_ 20150227.pdf&nbsp

Just before appointing Arjuna Mahendran as Governor of Central Bank, have been not Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe aware of his connection with Raj Rajratnam? The Central Bank now directly comes below Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Financial Affairs and Policy Arranging Ministry.

Present CB Governor Arjuna Mahendran is a childhood friend of Raj Rajaratnam as admitted by him.

Here is evidence:&nbsphttp://archives.dailymirror. lk/2005/07/12/ft/15.asp

Additionally, present Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake alleged to have received US $ 3 million from Raj Rajaratnam contravening exchange manage regulations handful of years ago. The case is getting heard in Sri Lankan Courts.

Raj Rajaratnam, who was a significant financier of the terrorist outfit LTTE, was sent to U.S. Jail for insider trading in New York.

Thoughts On Race Relations In The US & Sri Lanka

By Mano Ratwatte

Mano Ratwatte

Mano Ratwatte

The defining truth for two generations of Sri Lankans (or Ceylonese if you choose) has been the strife between the island’s two primary ethnic groups because independence from the British. Several erudite scholars, political scientists and historians have examined the causes of this conflict. Some say it all began in 1956 and others say it began properly prior to that. This is 2015. A hellish war, which lasted effectively over twenty years has ended. But nevertheless the barriers amongst the two significant communities nonetheless exist attempts to break those barriers are stymied mainly, in the opinion of this writer, by the lack of a typical hyperlink language. These are just personal thoughts of an émigré and not views of qualified authorities. The writer is also thankful to a brilliant gentleman for assisting him edit this opinion column.

Race relations in the USA – some history

Race relations in this writers adopted nation, the United States of America, have a darker and much deeper history. Developed by the unimaginable horror of “industrial” slavery, divisions and discrimination has survived the emancipation (official freeing of all slaves in the USA) of 1862. The hated “Jim Crow” laws, which ensured that Blacks (the preferred term these days is ‘African American’ but for the purposes of this write-up we will use the older term) continued to be relegated to a reduce location in society, persisted over a hundred years because that date. Finally the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, brought about a important change that eased the plight of the Black individuals in the Southern USA significantly.

Following decades of post civil rights healing nonetheless, race relations in the US have taken a turn for the worse recently. A Federal Division of Justice report released on March 3rd, 2015 on riots in Ferguson Missouri, reveals that African Americans have been profiled and targeted by law enforcement authorities for just becoming black. This is not a surprise. In numerous corners of the US, Blacks which includes wealthy ones, are nevertheless profiled and targeted for harassment. Unlike in Sri Lanka, both Black and White communities speak the very same language, but they are distinct racial groups with a history of systemic discrimination by law. (In the case of Sri Lanka, harassment of innocent Tamils for just being Tamils, was made worse by not having a widespread language.)

The Southern Sates and Racism

In the southern states of the USA Blacks didn’t have the appropriate to vote until the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Folks had to fight for that right different obstacles had been placed to stop them from registering to vote. Below Jim Crow, Blacks were regarded “separate but equal” but in practice they had been never equal and were viewed culturally as inferior to Whites such deep seated biases are dissipating but disturbingly are still quite prevalent.

The crimes of July 1983 were a watershed for our country | pic by Chandraguptha Amarasingha - A Tamil boy stripped naked and later beaten to death by Sinhala youth in Boralla gustation - 1983 July

The crimes of July 1983 have been a watershed for our nation | pic by Chandraguptha Amarasingha &#8211 A Tamil boy stripped naked and later beaten to death by Sinhala youth in Boralla gustation &#8211 1983 July

Just before the civil war, legally a Black particular person (whether or not Cost-free or a Slave) was regarded as only to be worth three/5ths the value of a white particular person as per the Constitutional convention treaty of 1787. This was done not only for tax purposes, but for the explicit purpose of limiting democratic representation in the legislative assemblies1. That measure was only repealed by the 13th Amendment to the US constitution which abolished slavery and was ratified in 1865. The 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868 that incorporated the privileges and immunities clause, applicable to all citizens, and the due process and equal protection clauses applicable to all persons. The Fifteenth Amendment, (proposed in 1869 and ratified in 1870) prohibits discrimination in voting rights of citizens on the basis of &#8220race, colour, or previous situation of servitude. Despite all these laws even though, Blacks continued to be discriminated against fairly openly. For the longest time even right after the civil war ended Blacks could not even sit at the exact same table as Whites in numerous parts of the USA. This is comparable to how some caste primarily based societies function even nowadays, where so known as “lower castes” are nevertheless not allowed equal access or equal rights by practice or even enter through the front door of residences of upper class Hindu households. Brahmin war refugees had been housed, schooled and fed separately from the rest of the Tamils following 2009 by the military.

Deep seated racist or casteist views can be discovered in virtually every single society. They are incorrect and immoral but deeply entrenches biases don’t disappear overnight be they in Sri Lanka or the USA. Atrocities against Black individuals had been commonplace in the Southern USA. Lynching (further-judicial murders) was commonplace. Even mass murder was tolerated, examples are the terrorist bombing of a Church in Alabama (Birmingham, 1963 where four innocent kids were killed by Christian racist Whites) or the attacks, disappearances and murders of civil rights activists in the 1950s and 1960s. Quite seldom did a White get prosecuted for murder and assault of a Black particular person these days. The identities of the terrorists responsible for killing the girls in that church had been identified almost immediately, but no action was taken till the State of Alabama decided to prosecute them in 1977! There were a number of such circumstances which in no way saw light of day. In protests following the church bombing two other black guys have been killed one particular by the police and 1 by White supremacists.

These attacks go back in history. America’s equivalent of the heinous state-instigated pogrom of Black July 1983, took spot in 1921 in prosperous Tulsa, Oklahoma the state this writer considered residence for a extended period . Racially motivated violence killed an estimated 300 black folks. There houses and shops burnt. The victims have been mostly from the prosperous black business community in Greenwood, then recognized as the Black Wall Street. This heinous crime was the outcome of economic envy and wiped out the most prosperous black middle class neighborhood in the USA. State and neighborhood law enforcement officials have been complicit in this attack. Not a single particular person was brought to justice and no official apology to black folks was provided only in 2013, when the Police chief of that city issued a extended overdue request for forgiveness. According to eye witness accounts some members of the Tulsa police force openly participated in arson and murder. But no Governor of the State of Oklahoma has ever accepted responsibility for enabling that crime against humanity, or apologized to the victims. There are several equivalent race riots where whites attacked black individuals in Florida, Illinois and other states with impunity more than time. Tulsa was one particular of the worst.

The incidents of documented targeted attacks on Blacks by Whites in the 19th century are even higher. Incidents of lynching occurred all the way into the 1940s. Lynching of Black guys had been treated as picnics to be viewed by thousands of gleeful whites. Image postcards have been even made with images of such lynchings mailed in glee or sold as souvenirs. A powerful book “Without Sanctuary” documents these horrific incidents that have haunted the US for a extended time.

Parallels in Sri Lanka

The crimes of July 1983 have been a watershed for our country. The UNP government of the day stood by and did nothing at all, as carnage was unleashed for a week. These had been the all strong days of virtual dictatorship by Parliamentary writ.

President JRJ did a lot to transform Sri Lanka by, opening the economy, bringing in foreign investments and re-setting the outdated stagnant socialist economy. But regrettably, the legacies his government will be remembered for, is the responsibility for attacks on Tamils right after 1977 and the reckless antagonizing of India in the field of foreign policy. It was his government which also gave us this constitution, which is proving to be such a hindrance to democracy. It was also his regime that silenced the democratic representation by Tamils by engineering the removal of the TULF from Parliament. Nevertheless noxious or unpalatable a person’s political view is it was foolish for the UNP to expel the TULF from Parliament. In the absence of a viable opposition, a lot of mistakes are made due to hubris and overconfidence.

The deliberate targeting of minorities (Tamils primarily) by the gangs from the majority communities, resulted in the beginning of a period of carnage and terrorism and grief. Terrified individuals fleeing to India and becoming refugees placing higher political pressure on the Indian Central government to intervene in Sri Lanka. Please note, except for the horrible riots in 1958 where there had been victims of both communities, all targeted attacks on Tamils occurred in the course of the UNP led regime which came following 1977. Those riots have been carried out by gangs related with the UNP and its JSS thugs. These targeted attacks had been a deliberate “pogrom” (an organized massacre of a distinct ethnic group) that shook the psyche of innocent Tamils, even these of the English speaking upper class. A lot of of these men and women felt far more protected and comfortable increasing up and living in Colombo, than in their ancestral villages areas they had no connection to far away in the North or East of the island.

Those who witnessed the 1983 riots report that there was a distinct “class envy” angle to it, when even productive corporate entities have been targeted merely for being owned by Tamils. The parallels to Tulsa Ok are apparent. This violent state sponsored (or at least condoned) act of terror was the seminal occasion that enabled a ragtag band of separatists (who had been supported by India for its personal geo-political reasons) to grow into a massive separatist terrorist group. The LTTE or Tigers could not have survived and grown (even accounting for India’s insidious hand) if it was not viewed as being the only group in a position to shield Tamils. It took the events of July 1983 to ultimately drive even moderate Tamils into the hands of violent seperatists, as obviously the Sate could not, or would not, defend them.

What brought about the alter in the USA?

The United States of America is in several techniques a conglomerate of person States or Countries. The US constitution delegates acknowledges this and numerous rights are granted to individual States to decide, in their Federal kind of government.

One particular such law is the one particular governing interracial marriage (miscegenation). Till the US Supreme Court ruled against it in the landmark Loving vs. Virginia case in 1967two, interracial marriage was illegal in the Confederate Southern states, as nicely as several other backward states of the Union. This was insidious thinking about people in the South regarded as themselves devout Christians but yet could not accept inter-racial marriage and folks have been even jailed for breaking this discriminatory law. The resistance to political alter was immense, but so was the get in touch with to adjust. Brave individuals on each sides of the racial divide united t bring about the adjustments that have been required. Hasn’t time arrived in Sri Lanka to build bridges also? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the most well-known “face”of the Civil Rights Movement, identified allies amongst Christian and Jewish white organizations parallel to the non-violent protests by Dr. King, the Black Panthers and other militant black groups advocated change via violent upheaval. But the peaceful voices prevailed and have been in the end productive. The violent ones have been relegated to the dustbin of history. How different to our experience in Sri Lanka.

Several analysts think that it was not only just the heroism of Dr. King (who was murdered by a White supremacist) who influenced individuals like Robert F Kennedy ( Attorney General of the US and brother of then President John F Kennedy) an ardent advocate of equal rights for blacks and later President Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ), to alter insidious laws of the US that forced folks into segregated lives and humiliated black individuals in the south. There was also an underlying fear of Black militancy and the possibility that foreign powers might encourage the use of violence to destabilize the US, that lent impetus to the reforms. Even though the Kennedy brothers were goods of the Liberal east Coast establishment, President Johnson was a very good ole boy from Texas and a racist solution of his time, but also a pragmatic and visionary leader.

Even so, when he signed the landmark civil rights act in 19643, LBJ knew that the Democratic celebration he represented was going to shed a really big group of southern White voters to the Republican celebration forever this group of voters have been commonly referred to as “Dixiecrats”. They had traditionally voted for the Democratic celebration since the finish of the Civil War when the secessionist south was beaten by the Union forces commanded by Republican President Lincoln. More than time, this legislation cost the Democrats hundreds of thousands of votes and also the Southern Electoral College has been Republican ever considering that .This shows that deep seated cultural distrust and segregationist tendencies nonetheless exist amongst older whites in most of previously Confederate Southern States. To this day, only places where Black Congressmen still get elected in the South, are black majority districts. It is not uncommon to hear people speak about the “northern war of aggression” in reference to the Civil war.

Modify comes really gradually

Just due to the fact the US elected Obama as President does not mean these age old biases have disappeared. If a single appears at the voting patterns of each the 2008 election (regardless of it being a year of modify) and the 2012 one particular, you could see that an overwhelming quantity of older Southern Whites voted against Obama and for Republican candidates. This trend is now almost permanent. It is practically a guarantee that in states such as Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi (all Southern and Confederate) a important majority of whites will not vote for democratic Presidential candidates unless he is a “son of the soil”. Jimmy Carter 1976 who was from Georgia, Clinton 1992 from Arkansas both managed to break this trend. Al Gore lost his personal property state Tennessee in the 2000 election, to George W Bush, who was from Texas.

There are exceptions to this divide of course. Florida, positioned in the South remains a “swing” state simply because of its unique demographic patterns, where Whites, Hispanics and older retirees of Liberal persuasion are all mixed collectively. Virginia is a greater example (at one particular time the heart of the Confederacy) exactly where swiftly changing demographic trends have led to dramatic changes in voting patterns. Virginia’s vibrant urban places are close to Washington DC, exactly where highly educated initial generation immigrants from Asia driven by finance and technologies primarily based company conglomerates reside. This combined with the young urban pros, Physicians, scientists, lawyers, all in the larger financial strata, delivered the state to President Obama in both recent elections.

Correct subsequent to it, is the mostly White poor coal mining state of West Virginia which is overwhelmingly democratic at neighborhood and state levels, voted against Obama in the Presidential election. Obama won each his elections mainly via the votes of progressive and northern states of the union. Elections have been won on a coalition of minorities (95% of the Blacks vote Democratic) and a plurality of young voters like young whites and young girls who do not have the exact same prejudices about race as older generations do. In the close to future even a solidly “red” (Republican) state such as Texas is projected to swing far more towards “purple” if not “blue” (Democratic) in voting trends, as demographic patterns change. Hispanic Americans are expected to turn out to be the biggest voting bloc in Texas. This coupled with the younger urban pros who tend to be more liberal, could effectively alter the way Texas votes in future Presidential elections.

Whither Sri Lanka?

The intent here is to show that despite the USA getting the wealthiest democracy in the planet, that there are nevertheless numerous folks who will vote just based on colour/race, just as anyplace else. Sadly it seems in Sri Lanka expedient politicians utilised the Tamil vs. Sinhala divide to acquire power over time.

Was this a result of Colonial favoritism or just far more inherent ethno-religious biases towards every single other? How considerably of post-Independence policy has been driven by a desire for social justice and not by a cynical desire to polarize the voting population in order to keep in energy? What is the end outcome? As a result of the language policies enforced at all schools considering that the 1960s, our citizens can not talk to each other.

The “standardization” and “Sinhala only” policies, while seemingly laudable, wreaked havoc in the lengthy term. It emancipated many Sinhala and Tamil speaking students, who otherwise would not have access to larger education. When English was the only language utilised for greater education, the English speaking upper classes amongst all communities had a large advantage.

But the extended-term effect has been two communities who can’t talk to each and every other. Just put, without the use of vernacular languages. it is unlikely either Sinhalese or Tamils of much less-affluent and rural regions would have been in a position to go to University. A number of generations of students have received a globe class education at no expense to themselves thanks to these modifications. Yet, the contradiction is that with the emancipation of lesser privileged classes, the nation gradually lost the indicates of speaking to every other in a typical language. This writer was fortunate sufficient to have grown up in Colombo in the 1960s and 1970s. Small did we understand that this was the “calm prior to the storm”. Our parents had gone to schools such as Royal, St Thomas, Trinity and their lingua franca was English and their drink of option was Scotch. Sinhala, Tamil or Burgher didn’t matter when parties were held, buddies got inebriated together, cried and fought more than silly issues such as which college had a far better cricket group. They listened to English music largely and study English newspapers. The savvy entrepreneurs no matter whether they have been Tamil or Sinhalese also faired really properly. But was that reality or was that the realm of the couple of privileged families whose 1st language was English?

Then came this writer’s post 1956 generation this was the first generation of the either Sinhala or Tamil education streams in the exact same college. Previously the elite schools employed English as the medium of instruction for all students. Abruptly there was a “Sinhala-stream and a Tamil-stream” and for the lucky handful of “an English-stream” class as well. English was taught only as a Second language at Royal to the Sinhalese and Tamil students. By the 1980s the older generation of outstanding English teachers were replaced by teachers who had quite restricted fluency in the language and taught it really badly the distinction was quite evident in good quality of English education in the senior grades. This writer didn’t feel also comfortable speaking English as a youngster, even even though at home his parents spoke English as did his Grandparents. The older generation partied and mingled with every single other with ease language was not a barrier simply because everyone spoke English. Their cultural identities had been still clearly influenced by the Colonials. There were a couple of who had married from other communities, such as this lovable Senior Police officer who employed to get tipsy at our dinner table and turn out to be emotional. Venerated legal luminaries like Vanam Rajaratnam were good buddies of this writer’s father. Lakshman Kadirgamar, a Tamil assassinated by the LTTE (the ideal ever Foreign Minister Sri Lanka had) was on a 1st name basis with this writer’s father, possessing been from the same school. This possibly was probably the case for many youngsters Tamil or Sinhalese, if they have been from the privileged classes of dare we say the “lucky” generation? This writer started studying Tamil in 1979 beneath the tutelage of a wonderful retired Tamil government servant (as portion of a requirement for his first job in Sri Lanka) was able to study the initial grade book and regrets fully dropping it afterwards.

The End of an Era

Following those expedient decisions of 1956, even at a privileged public school like Royal, where students came from a lot of socio-revenue strata including from slums of Kollupitiya or Jawatte, the medium of communications had been split students either spoke Sinhala, English or Tamil based on which “language stream” class we have been assigned to. There was no link language. The only Tamil and Sinhala students who spoke to each other, have been the Tamils who spoke Sinhala and Sinhalese who spoke either English or Sinhala or each. Judging by the angry reactions to this writer’s arguments about the two groups becoming of the same origins, it is certainly a sad reality that even a fight more than marbles on the terraces at Royal Junior in the course of recess became a “demala panthiyey” or as somebody sadly pointed out “ado demala” as opposed to just becoming so and so who was being a jerk. Why? If it were a fight over marbles it shouldn’t matter what race the offender was.

Similarly in the US regardless of all efforts such cultural dividers exist. A student of this writer’s who was a single African-American parent shared a story how her daughter was told by her classmates in grade three, that they had been not allowed to play with or invite black kids to their properties simply because our parents don’t like “ni****s”. This was in 2010 and not even in an old Confederate state. After, an old black man at a Bar in Milledgeville, Georgia described the racial divide this way “you know the distinction amongst racists in the south and north? In the south, the white man does not care how close a “ni*****s gets to him as long we don’t get also higher up in life and in the north the white man doesn’t care how high up we get in life as extended as we don’t get too close to them”. Sadly there is a lot of home truth in that statement even these days though much has changed for the better in most spheres of the economy.   Yet from time to time suspicion and rage leads to riots. Ferguson was the most recent. Ahead of that in 1994 following the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles Chicago riots in the aftermath of Dr.King’s murder and numerous instances in in between.

Adjust is not not possible

In spite of a far longer history of constitutional discrimination and targeted attacks on Blacks, and regardless of them not becoming even deemed equal to a white particular person, over time the USA has evolved into a significantly higher state of tolerance than it was barely 50 years ago. Race relations have taken a toll for the worse with reports of excessive police action in numerous states lately, but items are far much better for black folks than they had been 50 years ago with much more awareness and far more political activism. Such contradictions and variations must not be permitted to take root in Sri Lanka.

This writer thinks the following would be a start towards altering our society:

  1. The senior leader of the UNP ought to emulate President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge and apologize for the heinous crimes of Black July 1983. Amazingly when asked if she hates Tamils for what the Tigers did to her, Chandrika’s response was “no require to hate an entire people for what some have done”
  2. The TNA must apologize, on behalf of the Tamil community, for the atrocities committed by the Tigers such as massacres of females and children, and the “ethnic cleansing” of Muslims and Sinhalese from the North.
  3. An immediate establishment of Language laboratories and mandatory language research from Grade 1 so that all communities will be necessary to understand Tamil, English and Sinhalese.
  4. An independent non-political task force comprised of legal and forensic experts of both communities to investigate the final days of the war and figure out what truly happened.
  5. A commission to document and produce a database of those who lost lands due to war.
  6. An independent non-political job force to account for the 1987-89 period when thousands of Sinhalese youth disappeared.
  7. Locating the bodies of the 600 policemen who have been massacred by the Tamil Tiger terrorists.
  8. Take actions to bring back Sri Lankan refugees in India even though meticulously screening for Tiger terrorist infiltrators
  9. Take methods to allow the 95,000 Muslim and other victims of Ethnic cleansing in the North to return to their houses as properly.
  10. A committee with powers to report on abuse of minorities and beneath privileged communities of all races by law enforcement authorities.
  11. More language proficient police from local places to deal with everyday law and order concerns.
  12. The establishment of a national Broadband Network, so that more communication can take spot among citizens with out the State being involved. Social media networks are effective tools that were used effectively during the recent election. Enable free of charge access to all varieties of social media, so Sri Lankans as a nation can communicate with a single an additional.
  13. Concerted efforts by the government to heal the psychological scars of war on youngsters, ladies and the disabled of each communities by growing the number of vernacular speaking counselors with the help of volunteer services such as the amazing VSOSL which no longer functions there.
  14. Cultural exchanges organized for school children of all communities to travel and live inside a community of the other group for a handful of days under supervision by adults so they can see the circumstances of poverty and lack of access to sources cuts across all communities outdoors the privileged classes.
  15. Incorporate civil and human rights into the school curricula and replace religious studies as an O-level topic.
  16. Introduce legislation comparable to the 4th amendment to the US constitution which protects individual privacy, and every citizen’s correct to be free from unreasonable government intrusion into their persons, houses, organizations and property-weather by way of police stops of citizens on the street, arrests, or searches of homes and firms4.
  17. Introduce legislation to equivalent to the fiveth amendment to the US constitution which offers the correct to not to give self-incriminatory statements in when taken into police custody.

In conclusion, will Sri Lanka ever have a leader who will emerge to be like MLK? Most moderate Tamil leaders have been murdered by the LTTE fascists, Sinhala leaders like the charismatic humanist Vijaya Kumaranatunge were assassinated by southern extremists. Much more to the point, who will be Sri Lanka’s LBJ who will do the correct issue ? Will President Sirisena be the a single to succeed where others failed?






හේතුවක් ඇතුව හරි නැතුව හරි, ආණ්ඩුවට,ජනාධිපතිට බැන බැන ඉන්නේ නැතුව,රටේ දියුණුව ගැන හිතල සතුටු වෙන්න, සියලු දේවලින් අංගසම්පුර්ණ ආණ්ඩු මේ …

WikiLeaks: Why Did JVP Left CBK-Led Coalition ‘We Can not Take Responsibility Or Blame’ – JVP Tells US

A leaked confidential US diplomatic cable written by the US Embassy Colombo has raised queries about the correct nature of the drama staged by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) when they left the Chandrika Kumaratunga led coalition government.

Vijitha Herath

Vijitha Herath

At that time the JVP mentioned that they had quit in protest at government&#8217s plans for a tsunami aid deal with the LTTE which could assist efforts to set up a Tamil state.

According to a leaked US diplomatic cable, the US Embassy Colombo informed Washington &#8220Vijitha Herath, the JVP Minister of Culture and National Heritage, complained to us that President Chandrika Kumaratunga was ignoring his party&#8217s recommendations to create a multipartisan consultative mechanism to inform the reconstruction process. Rather, he charged, she had appointed Ministers and celebration members&#8211some of whom are not even MPs&#8211from her own Sri Lankan Freedom Celebration (SLFP) to all decision-creating positions. Not a single JVP Minister or MP occupied any crucial position, Herath said, even even though numerous represent tsunami-affected districts.&#8221

The Colombo Telegraph located the associated leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database. The “Confidential” cable is signed by the US Ambassador to Colombo Jeffrey J. Lunstead on February 15, 2005.

The ambassador wrote &#8220The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), the Government&#8217s contentious coalition companion, boycotted the February 9 Parliamentary debate on tsunami reconstruction. The JVP leadership cited dissatisfaction with the minor function the Government of Sri Lanka (GSL) has assigned it in reconstruction organizing as the purpose for their absence. The JVP was the only no-show at the lively debate. Even MPs from the pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Tamil National Alliance (TNA), who have regularly accused the GSL of brief-changing Tamil areas in the distribution of help, took part.&#8221

Ambassador Lunstead wrote &#8220He accused the President and other SLFP leaders of utilizing the effectively-funded reconstruction method to serve their own private and political agendas. When asked why JVP leaders deemed it greater to boycott the debate than to argue their issues ahead of Parliament, Herath responded that folks might mistakenly assume, since the JVP is part of the government, that it endorses GSL reconstruction plans. Since the JVP had not been consulted in any of the crucial choices, &#8220we can&#8217t take responsibility&#8221&#8211or blame&#8211for how the method unfolds, he emphasized. By not taking component in the debate, the party hoped to make that distinction clear to the common  public, he indicated.&#8221

&#8220The JVP&#8217s therapy is especially unfair in light of its energetic efforts to aid those impacted by the tsunami, Herath asserted, adding that the celebration has raised practically $ 12 million on its own at property and abroad. This aid is being distributed  to all affected communities, he continued. The LTTE fears that JVP philanthropic activities in the east will enhance the celebration&#8217s popularity there, specifically among Tamils, Herath claimed, and has therefore fabricated stories about the JVP hijacking help intended for Tamil communities. (Note: Jayantha Wijesekera, the Tamil-speaking, rabble-rousing JVP MP for Trincomalee, told us that the LTTE is especially concerned about his appeal and has therefore threatened him on many occasions.) When  asked how the JVP viewed possible GSL/LTTE cooperation on tsunami relief, Herath repeated the normal JVP line: Cooperation is all proper in principle as extended as the Tigers do not take benefit of it&#8211which, of course, he implied, they will&#8221 he additional wrote.