Nearly US$ 79 million earned from Duty Free Shops at KIA

The Bonds Division of the Customs Department had a revenue collection of Rs. 7.3 billion in 2009. A sum of US$ 56,978,451 was earned from the duty free shops at the arrivals lounge of the Katunayake International Airport (KIA) and US$ 22,570,509 from the departure lounge with total revenue earned being US$ 78,548,960. The Bonds Investigation Unit (BIU) recovered a total of Rs. 54,534,000 last year.

The Investor Facilitation Centre (INFAC) earned revenue of Rs. 10,664,211,070 from Board of Investment (BOI) enterprises with duty recovered from cancellation of agreements being Rs. 12,766,307.

The Customs at the KIA had a revenue collection of Rs. 452,853,349 last year, while Rs. 84,316,750 was collected mostly from currency cases (Rs. 30,315,241) and gold jewellery cases which was Rs. 28,795,405.

Also during the year (2009), the Customs Narcotics Control Unit (NCU) made two noteworthy detections resulting in the seizure of 2kg 798 grams of heroin concealed in potatoes and continued to maintain its surveillance on all flights arriving from source countries and suspected airports. The NCU conducted joint operations with the Police Narcotics Bureau at KIA, Air Cargo, LCL Warehouses and Container yards.

Since 1984, the NCU has seized 385.723 kg of heroin with the largest seizure of 62.607 kg being in 1990. Among the other narcotics that have been seized since 1984 was hashish (88.904 kg), opium (95.98 kg), cannabis 2.45 kg), cocaine (9.018 kg) and hashish oil (0.0028) in 1994.

The Excise (Special Provisions) division collected Rs. 47,996.88 million during last year (2009) mainly from cigarettes (Rs. 37,670.16 million) and petroleum (Rs. 7,854.18) and also recovering Rs. 600,000 from 20 Court cases.

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