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Clarification And Investigation Into Nonis’s Resignation Is Crucial: Prof. Wijesinha

Clarifications and an investigation into the reports circulating with regard to High Commissioner Nonis’s assault and resignation is a need to taking into consideration their implication for Sri Lanka’s international relations, UPFA MP and political analyst Professor Rajiva Wijesinha says.

 Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Professor Wijesinha, when asked about his opinion on the &#8220Chris Nonis–Sajin Vass episode&#8220mentioned “The stories circulating with regard to Higher Commissioner Nonis’s resignation certainly need to have investigation as you recommend. What was reported of Minister Keheliya Rambukwella’s comments on in his resignation suggests confusion and provided the implications for our international relations, clarifications are vital.”

He also suggested this incident is in relation to the comments he has produced concerning a concerted try to take away the most effective and loyal non-profession diplomats in the service and accused External Affairs Ministry Secretary Kshenuka Seneviratne of getting behind a lot of of the these attempts.

“There is an attempt to take away effective and loyal non-career diplomats we have, Dayan in Paris, Tamara in Geneva, Asitha Perera in Rome, Palitha Kohona in New York, and later I think even Sarath Kongahage in Berlin and Chris Nonis in London. So the alleged motives for the assault of Chris are fascinating, not least since a single of these envoys told me some time back that Sajin thinks he runs Kshenuka but the reality is the other way round,” he told Colombo Telegraph.

He went on to state that despite these warning signs, it is unfortunate that the President continues to entrust foreign relations to Senevirathne, Vass and GL Peiris as Sri Lanka is bound to fail if the country’s foreign relations continue to remain in their hands.

“But those whom the gods wish to destroy they 1st make mad &#8211 and drink can contribute to this, if reports are appropriate,” he added.

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