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CPA Remains Silent: Genuine Intellectuals Ought to Stay Away From These Corrupted NGOs: Dr Amarakeerthi

“It has been months now but the Centre of Policy Alternatives (CPA) has chosen to remain silent on Colombo Telegraph’s allegation that the CPA has been significantly less than transparent in its economic activities attracted the consideration of several given that it 1st surfaced says Dr. Liyanage Amarakeerthi.

Dr. Liyanage Amarakeerthi

Dr. Liyanage Amarakeerthi

“It is also essential for genuine public intellectuals to distance themselves from these corrupted NGOs and operate with individuals at the grassroots level to rebuild a tradition of civil activism.” he further mentioned.

On October 10th Colombo Telegraph exposed a variety of monetary malpractices in the CPA. The CPA, in its official site, referring to this exposé, on the identical day announced that its Executive Director, Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu was away and that a response would be provided ‘in two weeks’. Dr Saravanamuttu returned to Sri Lanka on the 17th. The self-imposed deadline expired on 24th October.

On October 10th, primarily based on CPA documents in our possession, Colombo Telegraph accused the CPA of billing for un-held workshops, engaging in double billing,’ i.e receiving grants from two donors to do the same process and duplicating receipts, hotel bills and other bills to submit to donors (maybe even submitting same bills to several donors), and hoodwinking donors by filing expenses under safe price columns. Colombo Telegraph initial asked the CPA to respond to particular inquiries primarily based on our investigations on 8th of June, 2014.

Dr. Liyanage Amarakeerthi, Senior Lecturer at University of Peradeniya mentioned nowadays that the fact that some NGO large shots live luxurious is fairly well-recognized and that fact alone has distanced numerous crucial public intellectuals from NGOs. The modus operandi of these NGOs includes the ideas such as ‘transparency’, ‘accountability’, ‘financial ethics’ and the like. But the NGOs appear to ignore those extremely ideas when they are utilized against themselves.

He mentioned there are NGOs doing some crucial operate in the country. That function needs to continue. Arguably, the NGOs indirectly helped the Sri Lankan state for the duration of war years by taking care of a lot of social problems even though the state was busy waging war. Even during these ‘peace years’ the NGOs are taking upon themselves several tasks to which the state could have ideally attended. There are some NGOs that concentrate on essential civil society activities geared towards empowering citizens. For these very factors, it is important that Sri Lankan citizens expect these NGOs to practice what they preach.

“Given this background the CPA’s freezing into silence is puzzling certainly.  Big shots in the government invest luxurious lives that they would not have even imagined a handful of years ago. The costs of the president’s wristwatch, of his son’s cars, are rightfully questioned.  These variables are currently causing the downfall of the regime. The shades of defeat are currently visible on the face of the corrupted patriarch. It is also important that the citizens have access to the information of about the funding these NGO vallahs get in our name, the people.

“It is also important for genuine public intellectuals to distance themselves from these corrupted NGOs and function with men and women at the grassroots level to rebuild a tradition of civil activism. The re-discovery of genuine (unpaid) activism and participation in governance requirements to be constructed into the movement of comment candidate and other social moments.”

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