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Curse Of The PhD

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

The year was 1984 and I had just finished my GCE Sophisticated Level Examinations. My mind was not settled on a particular course of study post GCE Sophisticated Level. Law, Journalism and Advertising attracted me equally. I had roughly four months to make a decision. I had to do some thing during the interim. It was during this period I visited a relative in anticipation of a job. While talking to him he received a phone get in touch with, he excused himself and left momentarily. The radio was on and an eminent Law professor who later became a lot publicised figure in the Sri Lankan political scene was on the air expounding outlandish jargon on jurisprudence. I cannot for confident say no matter whether I totally comprehended all what he mentioned, but how he said it held my interest. The gentleman was from the University of Colombo. He was a PhD and was speaking in impeccable English. I later learnt that the individual was a double PhD. He may have not convinced me to embark on a profession in law but for sure I wanted to speak like him. His vocabulary verbose, syntax correct and impact wholesome. I was galvanised.

Nelson Mandela famously mentioned “Education is the most strong weapon which you can use to modify the globe.” I do not believe any sensible person would disagree with the statement. It’s a reality, a proverbial truism. It have to also be mentioned in the very same breath that education can also be misused when largesse is dangled at people supposedly of incorruptible integrity who in reality succumb like rats to its set trap. Also what’s the goal of education when these with it remain silent when draconian legislation is passed to further strengthen an autocratic ruler.

Namal GL PeirisNot everyone is capable to do a PhD, a Medical professional of Philosophy, abbreviated as PhD. An award provided in many countries as a postgraduate  degree by universities for academic excellence in a selected field. A doctorate of philosophy varies considerably according to the nation yet the social status it produces is fairly unique. The term philosophy does not refer solely to the field of philosophy, but is employed in a broader sense in accordance with its original Greek which means, which is &#8220love of wisdom&#8221.

When I completed my Masters twenty 5 years later I was naturally inclined to embark on my doctorate. Chosen a university, spoke to the professor and submitted my proposal and it was accepted. The aura and euphoria I skilled was indescribable. In three to five years folks will contact me physician and that was cooly cool. It was at this juncture I met an old friend Uncle Raymond a confirmed rationalist and quintessentially anti-establishment. Though he was twice my age each shared a really like or you could get in touch with it hate for regional politics. We were meeting after a prolong hiatus.

Both had been thrilled at the prospect of seeing every single other. We did a wonderful deal of catching up. He then asked me what I was up to. I told him the usual. I was in two minds whether or not to mention my new adventure. Yes I wanted to impress him and I pitched him straight on for about two minutes. He listened to me rather attentively. Uncle Raymond stared at me and remained pensive and then started to speak “So you have created up your mind to turn out to be a “Permanent Head Damaged person” I said what do you mean. “That’s what they are, those blokes with PhD’s

“Oh Shut up Mr Idroos” “As if the hell caused by your species is not enough” I was puzzled at this unexpected outburst by my friend Raymond Goonatilleke. I can sense the fury in the man’s face but couldn’t realize why he was displaying such intense behaviour. Then he unleashed a tirade on me as if I was a pickpocket. “Show me one bugger of your species, of these living now who has left a worthwhile legacy, an individual with moral rectitude, show me, show me, show me” This conversation was taking location in the Dehiwala junction location and I was questioning why the cops have been not diverting targeted traffic because Uncle Raymond was firing left, proper and centre.

“All the rascals are cheaters, deceivers, opportunists and grand scale collaborators” “This is precisely what they are” “If they had fulfilled what society had anticipated of them, at least the ones who joined party politics could have produced Sri Lanka a significantly much better place”. Then he started to mention names of Ministers and MPs and these outdoors with PhD and started to shred them as if chunky meat was getting grounded to make some other by-product. The choice of words was unparliamentary therefore not reproducible. Mr Raymond Goonatilleke was a democratic citizen and he had each and every cause to express his opinion. I certainly would have been relatively milder but all five fingers are not the exact same.

Abruptly a private bus approached almost knocking us down. The conductor on the footboard chewing beetle was at the top of his voice, shouting Moratuwa, Moratuwa. Uncle Raymond looked at me and said “Putha I got to leave” “No difficult feelings putha, I told you the truth. I have greater trust in the guy who brings the gas cylinder house than our PhD rascals”. He embarked the Moratuwa bound bus which disappeared into the site visitors.

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