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Sri Lankan Media Breaks Silence On Sirisena Brat

The Day-to-day Mirror website in a surprising twist decided to break the censorship of all other Sri Lankan mainstream media homes, when they carried a story titled &#8220Daham Sirisena Justifies His Trip To UN&#8221 regarding the first son junket Daham Sirisena&#8216s trip to the United Nations which is at the moment being funded by tax payers cash.

Daham Sirisena - Pasikudah | File photo

Daham Sirisena &#8211 Pasikudah | File photo

Not a single mainstream media property reported Daham Sirisena&#8217s pay a visit to to the UN up till this point as of yesterday, as hundreds of Sirisena supporters started to criticize Colombo Telegraph internet site for breaking and following up the news concerning his pay a visit to propped up by a sense of pure nepotism that went wild on social media.

An avid reader of Colombo Telegraph sent in an e mail citing &#8220friend of mine who operates for the Daily Mirror mentioned she had been reading the Daily Mirror website routinely, but in no way knew that Daham Sirisena was in the US attending the current UN conference. How can she know anything of this sort as Day-to-day Mirror by no means carried something relating to the Daham saga has designed hence far&#8221 concluded the Colombo Telegraph reader.

&#8220The principal stream media failed to raise this distinct nepotism situation, as it focused on mostly raising troubles that blamed the the former Rajapksa regime as an alternative&#8221 stated our reader.

Writing to Colombo Telegraph media researcher Nalaka Gunawardene stated&#8221The Daham@UN episode has shown up our mainstream media as properly. None of them had the courage to comment on this matter, or at least report the widespread social media condemnation of it. For some, the first time they ever described it was when they carried Daham’s ‘explanation’ on Facebook.&#8221

&#8220Is it since our media has been suppressed for also extended that, even now, they cover the President, his household and other political leaders with as well much deference? Why do most of our media treat the head of state as a feudal lord &#8212 when the incumbent has said he does not want to be treated as such?&#8221 he questioned.

&#8220Is it that parrots who have been caged for a decade do not want to fly away when released, so they just hover about repeating what the former master/captor taught?&#8221 he further asked.

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