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The Unforgivable Betrayal In The Sri Lankan Political History?

By MYM Siddeek &#8211

Dr. MYM Siddeek

Dr. MYM Siddeek

There is a widespread rumour that Mithripala Sirisena agreed to nominate Mahinda Rajapaksa as a parliamentary candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary election. Numerous individuals do not think this rumour for the reasons properly recognized to the globe. The victory of MS in the presidential election in January 8th, 2015 was not a surprise since it was anticipated that the Tamil and Muslim minority groups that had been subjected to critical injustices by the MR government given that 2005 would overwhelmingly vote for him. As anticipated, they came out to vote for MS in fantastic strength. For example, over 68 percent of the votes in the Northern Province was polled in distinct contrast to the 2010 elections when Jaffna district saw only 25 percent polling and the other districts of Wanni region saw just  40 percent polling. The Muslims too voted with unusual enthusiasm and in large numbers for MS. All round the election registered a record turnout exceeding 81%. Their votes had been primarily anti-MR than pro-MS. The men and women voted for MS to get rid of MR tyranny rather than being convinced by the pledge of MS to implement the 100-day reform system. Sri Lanka&#8217s majority Sinhalese population also objected to the quantity of energy accrued by MR&#8217s family and corruption of his regime. In other words what they wanted was a regime change. The nation by no means witnessed such a communal unity among the main three communities in the Sri Lankan history in an election. There had been clear reasons for this. It was clear that many Tamils have been believed to have voted heavily for MS not simply because they supported him but since they hated MR so significantly. Muslims, the second-biggest ethnic minority, also voted against MR, who was accused of backing BBS and other racist groups and turning a blind eye on anti-Muslim violence in June final year in Aluthgama and Beruwela places. As for the Sinhalese, MS&#8217s entry into the race gave them one more credible alternative if they wanted Sri Lanka to move in a correct direction.

MaithriTherefore, if MS agrees to nominate MR in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the people will never forgive him and they will take into account it as the greatest betrayal of the people in the Sri Lankan political history. He will be clearly branded as a traitor. It may also be the finish of his political career right after he completes his term of office in tiny much more than 4 years&#8217 time. Men and women now urge MS not to make such historic mistake in his political career. The voters entrusted him with the job of cleaning the mess, eliminating corrupt practices, restoring rule of law and guaranteeing good governance by eliminating the loved ones rule on the 8th January 2015. President MS himself repeatedly mentioned this publicly on many occasions prior to and after the election. What would make him to take a big U turn and betray 6.2 million voters?

When we go back to pre January 2015 days, it will be extremely clear why the men and women voted for MS. When MS announced on 21 November 2014 that he would challenge incumbent President MR at the 2015 presidential election as the widespread opposition candidate a massive quantity of men and women even did not know effectively who he was. But the folks were convinced very considerably with his election propaganda and promises. MS claimed that every little thing in Sri Lanka was controlled by MR and that the nation was heading towards a tyranny with widespread corruption, nepotism and a breakdown of the rule of law. Though he promised to abolish the executive presidency inside one hundred days of getting elected, repeal the controversial eighteenth amendment, re-instate the seventeenth amendment and appoint Ranil Wickremesinghe as prime minister, the principal convincing appeal to the folks was acquiring rid of MR. He also mentioned instantly following he was elected president, ‘no more abductions, no more censorship, no far more family members rule, no more dictatorship.’ Soon following his declaration as the Presidential candidate, MS mentioned &#8220Today 48 political parties and organisations have united as a common coalition regardless of party policies, ethnicity and religion to defeat MR&#8217s corrupt regime.&#8221 Throughout his election campaign, MS said that he had warned MR to change his approaches or threat new unrest in the country. He additional said that MR was top the country down a dangerous road to destruction. He also stated that &#8220I came out since I could not stay any longer with a leader who had plundered the nation, government and national wealth.&#8221 Because MS&#8217s defection, dozens of MR loyalist parliamentarians followed him. Is he going to betray all of them as well if the rumour is proved to be true?

MS should not forget the reality that, as reported by some parliamentarians, MR even attempted to stage a coup in order to keep in energy when it became clear he was going to shed the election. He need to also don’t forget that he was branded a &#8220traitor&#8221 by MR&#8217s close allies.

If MR is given nomination, it may well be the finish of the party and we will be able to see a huge number of crossovers to the opposition. MS need to not forget all the struggles the people, his allied parties and partners went through to elect him as President of this country. If he betrays the individuals by giving the country to MR again, he will have to spend a extremely large cost for this. What is he going to inform those voters who relied on him and trusted him in the final Presidential election? People have not forgotten the dictatorial and household rule against which MS campaigned to turn out to be the President. MS ought to realise the truth that MR is attempting to destroy the country as soon as once again.

When MS created a speech at the function to celebrate Chandrika Kumaratunga&#8216s 70th birthday at BMICH he did not overlook to mention that he would take his choices contemplating his party and the nation. It also indicates that he will not place his celebration just before the country and people who voted for him. It was a identified reality that MR was detrimental to both the party and the nation. For that reason, he demands to take a appropriate selection not to permit MR as a candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary election. MS also did not fail to mention that he by no means thought of becoming President even in his dream and it was CBK who initiated the notion of placing forward his name as Presidential candidate. He also stated that he in no way believed JVP and UNP would support him. Is he going to betray all these parties, personalities and the folks? The decision and the nation&#8217s future are solely in his hand now!

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