Lessons from Kosovo for the Tamil Eelam lobbyists

Tamils account for 76million the globe over. The British transported Tamils all round the planet as indentured labor throughout colonial occasions. The Tamils functioned as loyal slaves of the British.&nbsp&nbspDisproportionate possibilities and privileges paved the way for Tamils to mentally believe they were superior and above all other people and from this has sprouted the notion for the Tamils to have a separate state. Although there are hardly 2million Tamils physically living in Sri Lanka, 72million Tamils in fact reside in an Indian State that is referred to as State of the Tamils (Tamil Nadu) where Tamils are more than 99% of the population, exactly where Tamil language is the state language, where Tamil culture dominates, exactly where Hinduism prevails &#8211 virtually all components need for self-determination in a state that was amalgamated by the British to be named India. It is these arguments that the Tamils of Tamil Nadu started using to demand separatism from India but with India passing the pillow to Sri Lanka by creating Tamil militancy/LTTE Sri Lanka has become saddled with India&#8217s headache. Nonetheless, carving out separate states becoming the newest norm of the capitalist West outcome of which Kosovo came about in 2008 the newest attempt is Tamil Eelam but there are severe lessons for Tamils themselves to find out from. They very first need to come down a peg or two from cheering an eelam to questioning if Eelam will turn out to be a nightmare as the Kosovars are now discovering with no return as well!

Yugoslavia was broken into 7 states : Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia &amp Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Kosovo independence came in 2008.&nbspKosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is component of a criminal syndicate.&nbspThe PDK, led by Hashim Thaci was a former Kosovan Liberation Army commander.&nbspUS, the EU and the UN supported him and continue to do so. The Heritage Foundation and similar other worldwide thinktanks assistance the KLA-KDP, despite its criminal connections.&nbspAccording to Serbian Justice Minister Vladan Batic, &#8220the prosecution at the Hague war crimes tribunal has more than 40,000 pages of proof against former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Hashim Thaci,&nbsp (quoted by Radio B92, Belgrade, three July 2003).&nbsp

In April 2000, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright &#8220ordered The Hague chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte to omit from the list of war crime suspects Hashim Thaci&#8221 (Tanjug, 6 Could 2000). Carla del Ponte subsequently claimed that there was not adequate proof to indict Thaci on war crimes. .

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Madeline Albright and KLA leader Thaci

Just as in the case of Sri Lanka a nicely planned and funded set of lies enabled the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the creation of independent states that were ideal for the West to advance their agendas and get their hands on sources that would make a handful rich.

It is only after the harm is one particular and when there is no probabilities to reverse that the lies are coming out in a self-boasting by the villains!

A documentary by&nbspJonathan Dimbleby in 2000 confirms MEDIA LIED on behalf of the US/NATO. Media lied that there were &#8216ethnic cleansing&#8217 of the Kosovar Albanians creating the public opinion that NATO had the right to bomb and militarily intervene (doesn&#8217t it question the lies by MEDIA on behalf of West with regard to Sri Lanka!)

US/NATO employed MEDIA to led the globe to think ethnic cleansing took location. So far only 2000 bodies have been recovered. Doesn&#8217t that query the chorus of 40,000 to 125,000 claimed to be dead &amp missing in Sri Lanka with no providing so significantly as a single name.

Rambouillet Accords have been drafted with the hidden intention of creating separate states &amp concerns the present plethora of bogus resolutions against Sri Lanka by the very same players that developed Kosovo. What kind of Accord inserts provision permitting NATO freedom of movement not only in Kosovo but throughout Serbia with full immunity from all Yugoslav laws (watch out for such an inclusion in Sri Lanka&#8217s case for the same US/NATO forces)

Ninety per cent of Kosovo’s population is produced up of ethnic Albanians. At the finish of the conflict in 1999 numerous ethnic Serbs have been pushed out of Kosovo, but not all of them left. About 100,000 remained behind (recall the thousands of Sinhalese &amp Muslims chased out of the North by the LTTE &#8211 why was the planet silence on the ethnic cleansing by Tamils)

Existing scenario of independent Kosovo

  • Half of Kosovo’s 1.eight million folks are 25 or younger. Much more than 30,000 enter the job market yearly but only 8000 discover work.
  • Only 75 out of 192 states have recognized Kosovo independence
  • Russia claims it will not allow the cancelation of UN Resolution 1244, which confirms Serbia’s territorial integrity
  • International isolation : Afghani passport holders can cross 22 borders with out restrictions, whilst Kosovars can only travel to five countries visa-totally free: Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Haiti.
  • Unemployment in Kosovo highest in Europe &#8211 45%
  • half of Kosovo’s citizens struggle to survive on social advantages of less than $ two per day.
  • Kosovo economy in shambles : Domestic commerce documents are not recognized overseas due to the lack of diplomatic relations.
  • Kosovo imports goods and solutions worth about $ 200 million from neighboring countries such as Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, it is not possible for Kosovo to reciprocate exports because Kosovo is not recognized.
  • West is no longer nice guy :&nbspGoods from Kosovo brought into the market of the European Union will be topic to added tariffs. Kosovo&#8217s as soon as close friends are now only concerned about business &amp profit!
  • Kosovo has no international postal or telephone code. Mobile telephone calls are channeled via Slovenia or Monaco at considerable expense.
  • Kosovo can’t acquire its own net IP address, inhibiting on-line acquiring, Net banking, and national cybersecurity.
  • Kosovo athletes can not even join international sports associations.
  • Kosovo is becoming gradually privatized.&nbspProperties have been becoming supplied for sale as if they were the holdings of politicians, rather than the resources of all Kosovo residents. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is attempting to acquire Kosovo Telecom.
  • Kosovo has become a prostitute/smuggling and human trafficking hub (both places that LTTE and Sri Lanka&#8217s North has been notorious for)
  • U.S. military base in Kosovo was constructed in 1999 without having consulting with the government of Serbia and is the largest U.S. military base built outside of the U.S.&nbspIf Kosovo has been offered independence why is there need to have for 17,000 UN &#8216peacekeepers&#8217 to stay?

If Kosovo is the EU&#8217s Iraq, Eelam will become West&#8217s gateway to balkanize the 3 giants of Asia. To bring this initiative to its grand conclusion is the inclusion of the man responsible for Kosovo Independence who is now one of the 3 members of the UNHRC panel things/2014/06/27/navi-pillai- appoints-martti-ahtisaari- bribed-by-albanian-mafia-to- deliver-kosovo-independence- to-investigate-sri-lanka/

Who wanted Kosovo liberation, who got it and who is benefitting from it and was it truly worth it in the end are queries that the Tamils living in Sri Lanka need to have to ask themselves in certain those living in the North. A separate state in the North implies that they will not be welcome in the rest of Sri Lanka. Just as Kosovars are now isolated internationally economically disabled, internationally cut off and even those that helped them get independence giving a cold shoulder the precise very same is most likely to happen to the Tamils. A lot more dangerous is the realization of the vision of the existing Sri Lankan Prime Minister for a road/rail hyperlink to India which will mean the end of Sri Lankan Tamils in phase 1 and thereafter a total invasion colonization of Sri Lanka by India and finish of the Sinhalese race in Sri Lanka.

With the West&#8217s use of Islamic terrorism, the seeds are already planted for scores of future conflicts all of which will fill the purses of westerners and the local bastards enjoying producing income from facilitating the killing of their own individuals.

Do we really need to walk into such dismal occasions when we need to be learning from the blunders and manipulations taking place below our quite own eyes.

Kosovo&#8217s liberators had been identical as the LTTE. The political party that holds reign in independent Kosovo is no distinct to the LTTE representatives the TNA. Although Kosovars are now in a state of shock, vulnerable, fearful and in poverty the Tamils are continuing to vote for the TNA in spite of so many warnings offered to them. Should Tamils listen or take guidelines from the Tamil Diaspora all of whom hold foreign passports and are not citizens of Sri Lanka?

Let the Tamils of Sri Lanka understand at least now the error they are making in stubbornly pursuing a separate state when they need to comprehend that the state to be declared independent is to advance the West&#8217s geopolitical designs and have nothing at all to do with wanting to help Tamils. Tamils ought to also understand that they have utilized the discrimination and genocide themes beyond any level of tolerance.
by Shenali Waduge

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