Presidential Elections: CBK-Maithri-Ranil-TNA Eelam deal & Sri Lanka’s National Security

The voting public of Sri Lanka whatever their political colour or preference of candidate need to firmly say no to any move or agreement attempting to destabalize the country, divide its territory or create an atmosphere of chaos.&nbspNo election campaign or coalition understanding must be permitted to bargain with the national security of the country in particular promise to reduce or eliminate strategically placed military bases and military personnel as election promises.&nbspNational safety is not a bargaining tool. Political debate in the West by no means use national safety as bargaining tools for their election campaigns. As a priority voters need to have to very first identify and get rid of political parties attempting to weaken national safety as component of their agenda for offering political support.&nbspEven so, undesirable a regional leader is, he can not be as negative as those attempting to rule Sri Lanka by way of proxies and puppets.&nbspIt is the patriotic duty of the masses to overrule any attempt to gamble with the national security of Sri Lanka.
The choice of Common Candidate
Whatever the coalition claims, the decision of the widespread candidate remains secret. No 1 has so far come out to say why they proposed the name of Maithripala Sirisena as candidate. These particulars remain really a lot secret from the public. In addition, if we are to think Colombo&#8217s anti-MR chants and the English social media and conclude that Mahinda Rajapakse is unsuited to lead, UNP could have very easily contested as a single celebration and fielded a UNP candidate to win the elections. Why was there any require to employ someone for a one hundred day role?
If Ranil was not the choice it is so simply because of his own failures, and it is on that ground that he is rejected by the voters. Therefore, the selection of Maithripala as Presidential candidate is primarily based on the reality that Ranil Wickremasinghe can only command urban votes where non-Buddhists dominate. It is to fill the void and to either break or take the Buddhist votes that Maithripala has been brought into the image. If this argument is to be believed coupled with the slogan of pluralism that Wickremasinghe preaches and promotes, Maithripala need to be regarded no hero of the Buddhists for he would by complicity help push the Buddhists additional into oblivion and gradually remove their energy.
While Mahinda Rajapakse is judged on accusations of corruptions by a select couple of surrounding him, the Coalition is becoming judged from a number of fronts all of which lead to the fear that the nation would fall into neo-colonial hands or be earmarked for division. If Maithripala is a proxy of Ranil and Ranil is a proxy of Western Christian nations this reality is more than possible and the manner that Ranil led the UNF in 2002 is prime example of what to anticipate. Hyperlink this to the manner CBK led all through her 12 year rule and what is in store for Sri Lanka rings alarm bells. The allegation of Ranil becoming a Western proxy is verified by Ranil Wickremasinghe&#8217s membership in the IDU &#8211 International Democratic Union &#8211 produced up of Christian political parties. It is alleged that the UNF Government formed in 2001 comprised 60% Christians and visas have been granted to Evangelists to spread their faith while Buddhists have been given step-motherly therapy.&nbsp items06/061006-four.html
The current revelation of a pact signed secretly with the TNA providing assurance to take away military bases, minimize military personnel in the North as properly as get rid of non-Tamil settlements deserves the consideration of the voters. There is also the assurance to carry out a war crimes inquiry which as an election manifesto does not convey a lot faith in our forces. Ideally what should be stated is that our forces did not commit any war crimes and these that accuse so have to make the proof 1st, and the reality is that for five years apart from accusations and editing film clippings nothing at all to substantiate war crimes as becoming produced as proof.
The exposure of the secret pact comes in the wake of many other pacts signed with no the contents becoming disclosed to the public. We have had the Indo-Lanka Accord signed in 1987 under emergency with Ministers obtaining to hand over signed resignation letters. Then came the 2001 Cease Fire Agreement that placed LTTE and a sovereign government as equals and legally demarcated territory as &#8216LTTE-controlled&#8217. The period saw LTTE placing up its own courts, personal police, own civil administration and openly amass weapons by means of Sri Lanka&#8217s customs! The next set of secret pacts came in the kind of the ISGA and PTOMs &#8211 these agreements had been signed by Ranil and Chandrika Kumaratunga now the shadow-leaders behind the widespread candidate. Should the voters not have a right to query what their actual plans are? Are these issues not more crucial than basically wanting alter? What assurance can they give when the corruptions below UNF and CBK rule are nothing at all they can debate in public? The public is effectively conscious that ALL POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT. Nonetheless, what is much more important is the stability of the nation. As citizens and stakeholders of the nation do we not have a duty and correct to wonder if the nation is probably to fall to peril simply because of the exact same people that betrayed the nation not also long ago? To reverse the damage they did thousands of soldiers had to lay down their lives.
The first to betray the nation was Don Juan Dharmapala prepared to function as a puppet of the Portuguese &#8211 incidentally Ranil wanted to celebrated the arrival of the Portuguese forgetting the thousands of natives the Portuguese brutally murdered and converted. In fact the typical candidate as Common Secretary of the SLFP refered to Ranil as a traitor coming from the lineage of the Dharmapala clan although now the typical candidate promises to hand more than to Ranil the leadership mantle after one hundred days. The betrayal of the nation began on twond&nbspMarch 1815 with the signing of the Udarata Givisuma and ever because numerous other pacts necessitate the nation to stay on the alert against traitors.
The Colombo coterie eternally complaining may like to respond to what their contribution was to ending terrorism when they join the UN bandwagon not wanting the individuals to keep in mind the war victory. They do not want the men and women to recall the war victory simply because they played no function in it.
Terrorism has to remain on our minds mostly due to the fact the bargains becoming struck is with the identical political party that was created by the LTTE, the same celebration that is linked with the Diaspora organizations that the GOSL has banned, the same party that even the EU Elections Monitor Cushanan claimed was the mouthpiece of the LTTE and&nbspthe nation seriously inquiries why the GOSL does not take legal action against this celebration without enabling it to do the damage it is undertaking utilizing its political privileges?
The memoirs of Nevil Jayaweera (handpicked to be the GA Jaffna in 1963) are referred to recollect and show honor to Mr. N Q Dias (father of Mr. Gomin Dayasri) for his visionary strategy to set up military bases in the North taking stock of the possibilities of Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants pouring into Sri Lanka. Again, for petty political motives the reduction of these military bases by JR Jayawardena drastically undermined the national security of the country when Tamil militants began their terror. What Mr. N Q Dias envisaged for which he drew counter measures was verified when in November 2003 the LTTE declared that 35% of its cadres had been from Tamil Nadu! 11/
Mr. N.Q. Dias, CCS (civil servant) then Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defense &amp External Affairs beneath Sirimavo Government knew exactly the importance of placing the nation&#8217s armed forces at strategic points properly ahead of any calamity which the present Defense Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse realizes as well &#8211 what proper do politicians have to bargain with the national safety of the nation? Therefore, the GOSL is questioned on why it should give in to demands to decrease and curtail security presence instead of remaining firm on the threat to national safety.&nbspThe GOSL is subsequent questioned on when it will take legal action against all these that have directly and indirectly contributed to LTTE terrorism over the years. For victims to be given any justice men and women who were linked with LTTE terror demands to be identified and placed before the courts.
The announcement of a secret pact with the TNA to remove or lessen military bases is connected to India&#8217s claim that LTTE continues to fight for an Eelam that consists of Higher Tamil Nadu, although it does query why India insists on the implementation of the 13thamendment and full devolution unless India too plans to compete for a separate North that the West would like to use as a base for itself in Asia. It also raises the question why India celebrated the 1000thanniversary of the ancient Tamil King Rajendra&nbspChola (1014ce –Rajendra Chola I was the initial Indian king to take his armies overseas and make conquests of these territories). India must recognize the message it sends out in becoming proud of ancient Kings that invaded neighboring nations and questions the relevance to the existing context of things.
These angles may be headaches for a lot of voters in Sri Lanka in specific those in Colombo, but their future depends on a safe Sri Lanka. There is practically nothing much more critical than the national safety of the country. Every thing falls into place only when the country is safe and steady. Individuals can enjoy comforts only when the country is safe. The other problems all are secondary and this is why the voters have to view how far and who can maintain the country stable and the stability comes in guaranteeing that there are no offers struck with parties that are out to divide the nation, dilute the sovereign powers of the country and create chaos thereafter. The examples of Libya, Kosovo, Iraq, Sudan may differ due to the fact they are Muslim, situated in Middle East/Africa /Eastern Europe but the very same players that broke up and have designed chaos in these nations are now seeking East towards Asia and this is why national security need to turn into the essential election pledge by the candidate. Assuring national security by forging secret pacts with players that are functioning towards dividing the nation has to be firmly rejected in the same manner that people should reject leaders who have secretly signed pacts without divulging its contents to the folks and not even to their party members on preceding occasions.
No one particular must be allowed to ridicule attempts to safe the nation&#8217s borders and safe the country. No political celebration need to be permitted to bargain and compromise the national security for petty political gain. Agreeing to dilute the National Security of Sri Lanka cannot be permitted to turn into as a political propaganda tool. The price of peace remains eternal vigilance and vigilance does not take place with no preparation and processes.

In the finish every single voter has selfish motives that determines who he/she casts the vote for. That choice must be based on who can offer peace and stability in Sri Lanka while not undermining the national safety of the country. No particular person or organization can hope to live in peace or prosper if there is no peace in the nation. Let us be reminded that all those that profited for the duration of the 30 years of war have been those that had been party to the terror and the rest of the country is only now selecting up the pieces and it is just 5 years because the finish of 30 years of LTTE terrorism.

by Shenali Waduge

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