Hazardous milk powder sneaks into SL market

Hazardous milk powder sneaks into SL market
However, Chairman of Pelawatte Dairy Industries (Pvt) Ltd., and Mawbima Lanka Foundation, Ariyaseela Wickramanayake claimed these tainted milk powder products may have found their way to the Sri Lankan market. Among milk powder available in the …
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Upan Mawbima

Mawbima Sri Lanka Musical System.


The Sri Lanka Bar Association is also politicized

The logic of declaring anything at all “independent” have to be based on an unwavering dedication to unbiased, devoid of discrimination and ethical judgment in all circumstances whether or not they are linked with the 3 pillars of governance or in private/public sector as properly as in the daily affairs personal or otherwise of the public. It has turn into a trend to evade the main theme of any emphasis by turning issues


Rizana – Yet another Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry Failure

Rizana Nafeek a Sri Lankan national from Muttur was beheaded in accordance to Saudi Arabian law on 9 January 2013 possessing been located guilty of killing a four month child whilst serving as a domestic in Saudi Arabia in 2005. The appeals for her release have been many – from each local and international. But, it is the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry and its Mission in Saudi Arabia that must be held accountable and


How Multi-Location Organizations Ought to Develop Content

Article WritingIf you have a business with branches in many cities, there are some aspects of Internet marketing that you should consider before creating content for your brand. With the increasingly stringent rules for search engine optimization, you do not want to be penalized for simply trying to bring business to your websites.

There are certain ways in which you can draw the attention of local customers to a local branch in your business. Below we will discuss some of the things that you should and should not do when creating content for multi location businesses.

One – Do NOT create articles with similar content.

The number one technique to stay away from is to create a multiple websites with similar content on each page. Many businesses simply copy and paste their content, changing only the location of the business on each post. Search engine algorithms cannot tell the difference between this type of content and spam content; therefore, all of your websites will be lumped into the low-quality category. You will lose ranking within search engine listings and overall trust within the search algorithms.

Two – Make sure to localize the content for each city that you serve.

One of the ways in which you can create different content for different websites is to localize the content to each area. For example, placing the names of local tourist attractions in each webpage is a great way to help legitimize each local blog post to human visitors and to the search engines.

Three – Make sure to speak directly to the customers in the locale.

If you think about it, different locations will probably respond to different marketing techniques anyway. People in different parts of the world live different lives; therefore, they will naturally need your product for different things. One of the best ways to quickly build an audience in a particular location is to speak directly to their local experience.

Four – Make sure to write about your customers, not about your business.

Although your customers definitely want to know what kind of service you offer, it is much more important for you to communicate how you solve their problems. People do not care about what you can do unless they first realize that you care about them. A great way to localize the content in your different websites is to showcase your knowledge about the specific problems that a locale may be having. For instance, if you offer lawn service to Seattle, you may mention the fact that you do not let bad weather dictate your appointment schedule.

Five – Use your resources wisely; hire a professional writer if you are not a good writer.

One of the worst ways in which you can use your time is in trying to re-purpose content if you are not a good writer in the first place. It is much more effective to simply hire a professional content creator and focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business. A professional copywriter will be able to finish the process much more quickly and effieciently. A professional copywriter will also be able to research each locale for you so that you do not have to spend time learning geography and history rather than simply conducting the business of your company.

Six – Make sure that you create content on a regular basis.

Whether you keep your content creation in-house or outsource it to a professional, make sure that you create content in a consistent manner. Dynamic content is much more attractive to search engines than static pages, and you will endear yourself to your local audience that much quicker.



Only Gotabhaya thought a Military Victory was Possible

“No one, may be with the exception of Gothabaya Rajapaksa, but he’s the only person I can mention who thought a military victory was possible. I was very hard to say very close to Indian intelligence and an enormous amount of time throughout this process and never, ever did any Indian official hint that a military victory was possible until mid 2008. Then they started, I observed the change in Mr.M.K.Narayanan and others and gradually shift into the position that may be, state may be the government can wipe out the tigers military victory.”Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim said last week

“Sri Lankans try to manipulate every single day for whole this 10 years, for their business interest part of that they tried to manipulate all. We may be fool but no so foolish that we understand that they tried to manipulate.” Minster of the Environment and international Development Erik Solheim further said.

Sri Lankans try to manipulate every single day for whole this 10 years, for their business interest part of that they tried to manipulate all. We may be fool but no so foolish that we understand that they tried to manipulate.

Eric Solheim made this remarks last week in Oslo seminar followed by the launch of the evaluation report of the Norwegian Peace effort in Sri Lanka. The evaluation has been performed by CMI in Bergen and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, and deals with the Norwegian peace effort in Sri Lanka between 1997 and 2009.


“Lies Agreed Upon”: Sri Lanka counters Channel 4


Sri Lanka: Account for Wartime Disappearances

The Sri Lankan government should account for everyone who was taken into custody at the end of Sri Lanka’s 26-year-long armed conflict in May 2009 and are feared to have been “disappeared,” Human Rights Watch said today. Despite numerous requests from families for information about their relatives, the authorities do not appear to have conducted any serious investigations, Human Rights Watch said.

Human Rights Watch said unresolved enforced disappearances should be part of the mandate of a proposed United Nations investigation into laws-of-war violations by both government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). A Panel of Experts appointed by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to advise him on steps for ensuring accountability for laws-of-war violations in Sri Lanka is expected to hand over its report later in April 2011.


MR orders full inquiry

While denying reports that the Sri Lankan Navy had fired on Indian fishermen, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that he instructed the Navy to carry out a detailed investigation into the incident, the Hindu reported today.

Talking over breakfast to foreign correspondents at his Temple Trees residence in Colombo this morning, he said that the Sri Lankan Navy was not involved in the incident.

Asked if Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had spoken to him about the incident, he said that the Prime Minister had not. Asked if the Sri Lankan government would take action in the event of the firing being committed by its security forces, he said that despite the preliminary investigation – which established that the Navy was not involved — he had asked the Navy Commander to conduct a detailed investigation.

The Sri Lankan Navy’s chief of operations, said that the incident occurred well within the Indian waters. “The sea is very shallow in these areas and the position of all our ships’ locations are monitored by land-based and other equipment. This is in the open and anyone can check,” he told The Hindu, denying that the Sri Lankan Navy had anything to do with the incident.

Foreign Affairs

Extreme World: Is Sweden as Clean as it Seems

Ceybank Asset Management (CAM), Sri Lanka’s largest unit trust fund manager, has launched an open ended gilt-edged fund aiming to attract small investors especially in rural areas, officials said.

The ‘Ceybank Surakum’ fund will invest in government Treasury bills and bonds and other government-backed securities but not in equities and aim to give a return higher than interest rates on bank deposits which have been falling.
Chitra Sathkumara, chief executive of CAM, said their initial target is to raise at least two billion rupees

“This will give small investors a better choice,” he told a news conference.

“In Sri Lanka most people invest a part of their money in savings accounts and fixed deposits but interest rates on savings accounts are falling while the cost of living is increasing, and people get poorer.”

This had prompted some investors to search for high interest yielding but risky products and lose money in financial scams, he said.

“Many investors lost their life saving trying to get super returns. The Surakum fund aims to earn returns above savings accounts while ensuring safety. We aim to bridge the gap between savers and investors through this fund.”

The minimum investment in the fund is 10,000 rupees and each unit 10 rupees.

The Ceybank Surakum fund will pay two dividends a year in January and July, with the first dividend being paid in July 2011.

Dividends from investments are tax free, the investments can be encashed at the prevailing market price and investors can switching their money among other funds managed by CAM.

The fund will be marketed with the help of the branch network of the state-owned Bank of Ceylon, which has a 43.4 percent stake in CAM.

Other shareholders are state-owned Sri Lanka Insurance, Carson Cumberbatch & Co. and Unit Trust of India, said K Hewage, chairman of Ceybank Asset Management.

Proposals in the government’s 2011 budget announced last week exempting unit trusts from certain taxes and relaxing foreign exchange controls to allow foreigners to invest in the funds will help promote the industry, he said.
The budget also made income earned by unit trusts from listed stocks and bonds free from income tax.