2 Sri Lanka Tamil News 31st December 2009

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Sarath Fonseka, You did so many media blunders during the war time. You
shameless, disgraceful traitor, read some history first. You cannot fool
the majority of the people of this land because they are patriotic. They
will not allow you to betray our soldiers and leaders. Mahinda still stays
calm even after you spit onto your own face by betraying your nation. At
least, you learn from him, you traitors clan. You have a special place in
the hell and will suffer for ever.

Sarath Fonseka betrayed the nation, second to none other within two weeks
after his nomination. Can this traitor safeguard the interest of our nation
as the national leader for a single day? This egoistic idiot cannot handle
a local media person. Would you think he has the capacity to handle the
international conspirators? This dishonest person tries to fool the entire
nation by diverting the focus to the problems created by UNP regimes.

Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia are good examples for Sri Lankans. Their people
never betrayed the leaders and they were grateful to give them a strong
support to build their nation to the prosperity. Unfortunately, ignorant,
short-sited, non patriotic groups in Sri Lanka betray the nation by playing
to the tunes of evil foreign conspirators and the agent (the lowest living
sole on earth, Ranil).

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