Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka in with one more rescue mission

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka in a communiqu informed the general public that the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL) has been entrusted with the restructuring…
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Jackson Anthoney on Sri Lankan Chinthanaya

Veteran artist Jackson Anthoney discuss on rising of Sri Lankan Chinthanaya.

10 replies on “Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka in with one more rescue mission”

people are not branded by birth, but what they do while living. Jackson
Anthoney is a real patriot !

01. Did we eat kiribath, since we got a king !!!!!? F**K. We ate since we
won the war. That is the psychological point. Perhaps he ate kiribath since
he can get some thing from his king. 02. According to “Pera sirithata” king
was in the battle front. Did your king do that? 03. Who is this person???
Was he directed a teledraama named “Esala Kaluwara”?

Sarath Fonseka, You did so many media blunders during the war time. You
shameless, disgraceful traitor, read some history first. You cannot fool
the majority of the people of this land because they are patriotic. They
will not allow you to betray our soldiers and leaders. Mahinda still stays
calm even after you spit onto your own face by betraying your nation. At
least, you learn from him, you traitors clan. You have a special place in
the hell and will suffer for ever.

its so sad see and hear that an popular artist like ANTHONY represent a
killer like rajapakse and support his agenda on commiting massive genocide
and destroy the ethnic minority in the beautiful island of sri lanka

muu ponnayek salli walata kade yana ekek.. mun thamage geni hari wikunai
thama ge wasiyata, muu kiyana dewal minissu ahanne neha..

This is the real TRUTH… man unbelievable and we have to be very proud to
have people like this. I mean it. Real Sri Lankan. TrueLion75 should change
his name to TrueTamilTiger75.. what do you guys think???

JACKSON ANTHONY a production of the european christian colonizers how come
jackson anthony talks about “KALU SUDDA” infact he is one of them .
pretending to be a patriot . but you aint a patriot also leave this stupid
politics and be the person who you were

He is r8,, dnt get politial view,, As a person Mahinda is great with the
Nationalism point,, His ideology m8 nt suit wit u,, its yo politics,, bt

there s no way a colonizer and a produce of a colonizer such asjackson
anthony to become patriots in the same colony they are FAKE patriots infact
they still secretly serve their colonian masters in europe by appearing
their selves as patriots JACKSON ANTHONY IS FAKE , DO NOT TRUST HIM

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