We are Sri Lankans – Tokyo 2006

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Yea we don’t want anything to do with your smelly curry kind either. Take your Tamil people back into your vagina shaped country.

TAMILS FROM SOUTH INDIA LOL thy fighting over for no reason.. if there wasnt a war.. sri lanka would of have a better future by now.. damn LTTE’S waste of lifes..

then stop commenting on sri lankan videos. Sri Lanka and india are very very different.
and indians should stop making all those LTTE videos.

PEACE for Sri Lanka . LTTE should live in tamil nadu.

Sri Lanka is not a part of india , never looks the same. Sri Lankans are very different than indian.

watch out indians are attacking sri lankans on youtube. and puting stupid comments. by the way those LTTE videos come from india.

well i am sri lankan. i can understand his accent. Sri Lanka has three languages. english is one of them. sinhala, tamil are the other two. it is better to know all three languages. stop the War in Sri Lanka. Live in PEACE. if LTTE does not like sri lanka they should go to tamil nadu india. PEACE.

Sarath Fonseka betrayed the nation, second to none other within two weeks after his nomination. Can this traitor safeguard the interest of our nation as the national leader for a single day? This egoistic idiot cannot handle a local media person. Would you think he has the capacity to handle the international conspirators? This dishonest person tries to fool the entire nation by diverting the focus to the problems created by UNP regimes.

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