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Chinese Company Handling Port City Suspends Constructions Agrees To Totally Cooperate With GoSL

CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd – the Chinese business handling the constructions of the project has expressed their agreement to completely corporate with the government of Sri Lanka whilst announcing they have suspended the operations as per the instructions of the government.

Issuing an official statement concerning the suspension of the Port City project operate, CHEC has noted that they have received an official communique from the Secretary to the Ministry of Ports and Aviation, that has informed the business of the Cabinet selection produced to suspend the ongoing perform of the project.

Port CityThe firm has also noted that as instructed in the Ministry communique, they would also take immediate methods to submit valid permits and approval troubles by the relevant government authorities with regard to the project.

“We will be taking all necessary methods to give these requested documents as instructed by the Ministry of Ports, Buying and Aviation to abide by the notification received without prejudice to the legal rights of the organization beneath the agreements entered into with the government of Sri Lanka on September 16, 2014,” they have stated.

In addition, the organization has mentioned that they would fully cooperate with the GoSL and continue to adhere to the procedures and situations stipulated in the mentioned agreement such as the commitments contained in the authorized environmental impact assessment study.

The business has also noted that it would continue to comply with the law and adhere to the needed guidelines issued by the government for a mega development project of this nature.

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