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Ranil- Man Of The Year!

By P.Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

I was sacked by the UNP government whose Minister of Education was Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, for providing leadership to  the teacher trainees in Teacher Training colleges in the basic strike in 1980. For over three years I had to undergo a plenty of hardships. Some fifty strikers committed suicide . I have by no means voted for the UNP  and never ever will. But I decided to create about Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the leader of the UNP, not to attack him but to appreciate him.

All the good men and women of this nation had been browsing for a very good man or a woman as a widespread candidate to send MR and his cabal residence until Maitri’s wonderful renunciation. I also took element in that noble endeavour by quite a few techniques like writing to Colombo Telegraph from time to time. In truth I attempted to promote the former President CBK as she was for national reconciliation via power sharing. I knew quite properly, as several other individuals, that Ranil would not be in a position to defeat Mahinda as the UNP was thoroughly disorganized, demoralized and split. And it looked like at that time that Ranil was not interested in contesting the Presidential Election.

A lot of thought that Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera would contest the Presidential election against Mahinda as he had started a campaign against the executive presidential technique but numerous doubted his capability to defeat Mahinda. Becoming a Buddhist monk he was unlikely to be voted by non Buddhists  as effectively as the Tamils and the Muslims.

Ranim CameraIn the meantime our present day hero Ranil said that he would go to America to learn the latest trends in politics. President Mahinda sarcastically said that Ranil could  learn politics at Medamulana (President’s property) as an alternative of going to America to find out politics. In truth he had received an invitation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study on how to formulate a constitution sans an executive presidency whilst conducting lectures for students there on Asian regional troubles. He left for America at the starting of April this year and arrived back right after a period of 1 month. Quickly following his arrival in Sri Lanka he announced that he would contest the Presidential Election dampening all the hopes of those who have been campaigning for a common candidate who could win.

Ranil’s announcement was a fatal blow to the campaign of Sobhitha Thera and to all these who have been fighting for democracy, rule of law and good governance . We had been extremely much disappointed since we knew that Mahinda would win again and stay in energy for numerous years as Ranil was not a challenge to him. But a voice in me stated that it could be a ploy of Ranil to strengthen his celebration and rally his members around him .

Now we know that Ranil had not been critical in contesting the election though he publicly mentioned that he would. It proves beyond any doubt how politically matured he is and was. He knew far better than us that he would not be able to defeat Mahinda. In 2010 also he allowed the Basic to contest as his possibilities have been extremely really slim against Mahinda after the war victory. When we appear back we can see that Ranil was capable to strengthen the UNP to a particular extent following he expressed his intention to contest the Presidential election.

Ranil’s announcement was very good news for Mahinda and his cabal but they nevertheless doubted Ranil’s new stand due to two reasons. On 1 hand Venerable Sobhitha Thera was campaigning difficult to discover a typical candidate and on the other hand the UNP was split mostly into two groups, as  Ranil’s group and Sajith’s group. As the UNP was divided it was attainable, they believed, that Ranil would ultimately not contest. Now it is in the public domain that an agent of Mahinda and Company, Tiran Alles and Tissa Attanayake held secret talks behind Ranil’s back to unite Ranil and Sajith. It was not that they wanted to strengthen the UNP but to make certain Ranil’s candidacy against Mahinda at the future Presidential election. When Mr. Ravi Karunanayake MP, revealed that Tissa was holding secret talks with the government Tissa first denied it but later admitted. The conspiracy succeeded as Sajith was convinced that it would pave the way for Sajith to recognize his dream of becoming the leader of the UNP for Ranil would have to stand down and hand over the leadership to the next man in line after losing to Mahinda. Sajith came back to the celebration and accepted the deputy leadership and said he was  even prepared to sacrifice his life for the victory of Ranil at the Presidential election. Tissa Attanayake said he was so satisfied as he was in a position to unite the celebration through his tough work. ( It is the job of the UNP to launch an investigation instantly to find out  whether Tissa Attanayake had been a secret agent of Mahinda cabal during the last handful of years for, on the nomination day Tissa joined Mahinda providing significantly needed oxygen to Mahinda.)

Now let us turn to Ranil. As he was a shrewd individual he did not fall into the trap set by the conspirators. He knew quite well that he was not well-liked adequate among the voters to defeat Mahinda. By getting secret talks with Chandrika either to field her or another as the typical candidate Ranil has outmaneuvered all the plotters of his celebration and  the government. Ultimately he has not only defeated all the conspiracies to oust him from his leadership by some UNP leaders such as Sajith and Tissa Attanayake but also attempts of Mahinda to stay in power for an additional eight years. Some might say that it is as well early to predict the defeat of Mahinda as billions are spent on Mahinda’s campaign and seek blessings of gods not only of Sri Lanka  but also of India. I talked to numerous in different parts in the country over the telephone during the last two weeks. Almost all the educated men and women stated that a adjust was necessary and they would vote for Maithri.

Now millions of individuals are eagerly waiting for the dawn of new era after January 8 next year. In the occasion Ranil decided to challenge Mahinda as his main opponent at the forthcoming election, there is little doubt that the tiny democracy we still have, would be buried by Mahinda throughout his third term. Even although Ranil’s  uncle, JR Jayewardene&#8216s constitution and rule paved the way for the destruction of the country, Ranil did a great service to the country by his sacrifice and determined assistance to Maithri and agreeing to the road map of the Opposition for a far better tomorrow. Therefore I do not hesitate to name Mr. Ranil Wicremesinghe as the Man of the Year. I think tens of thousands of Sri Lankans would  agree with me.

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