Times photographs expose Sri Lankas lie on civilian deaths at beach Times Online

An investigation by The Occasions into Sri Lankas civilian casualties, nevertheless — which was performed in a week-long pay a visit to to Sri Lanka — has found evidence of a …
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8 replies on “Times photographs expose Sri Lankas lie on civilian deaths at beach Times Online”

bullshit civilians tat used to live in wanni didnt support LTTE they were
afraid to talk against them cos if they did they will be killed by the so
called tamil civilians gurdian tats da truth u american,british, canadian n
all other LTTE supportin morons dnt knw didnt u asshole learn a lesson @ UN
recently americans bombed afganisthan n killed 120 civilians…..y dnt u
morons talk abt that?u fuckers allow LTTE to buils camps in the no fire
zone n blame us for some thing we didnt do…

Times journalists are trying to find something to talk about. The Daily
Telegrapgh -may be the only newspaper in the UK not supporting LTTE terror-
did real work and published for many days the details of how British MPs
were stealing public money and as a result a lot of MPs have to go home.
Now the rest of the papers in the UK are trying to find out something to
show they too have BIG and important news items. So they try to CREATE news
easy way. SL is a good victim since it is small.

Times journalist believes piles of soil as 1:00 Tamil Tiger (LTTE) and 1:20
Civilian graves. Non of them are confirmed. Even if his believes are true,
there is no evidence of who killed them and how they died. Also, this video
suggests Tamil Diasporas if they could justify their efforts on funding
terrorism. What did Tamil civilians achieve as a result of Tamil extremist
twisted ideology of separatism? They simply cannibalised and genocide their
own kind.

You f*n loosers, tried to topple Sri Lankan governmnet for a bad terrorist
cause. You have already learnt a lesson at UN human rights counsil. Now
making manipulated false stories on rage. World dont buy your f*n bullshit
stories. The photos of this distruction shows after we have saved civilians
and crushed Tamil Tiger terrorists. The holes on the ground does indicated
that the LTTE was setup heavy weapons to attack Army within Civilians. Uk,
US, Canada, France Get wack your selft.

so whose fault is it for holding civilians as shields? What did British
forces do in Malaya, India and numerous other countries. I always find it
rich when the British who have been the most egregious violators of human
rights in the past 2 centuries now about face and pretend to be champions
of human rights. Shows their arrogance and empire complex.

you people never spork aword against terrorist ltte bombing sri lankan
schools,buses,trins,building by suicide bombers caring child soldier
helping to fight and killing the own tamil people what a jork ha ha ha

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