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UNP Condemns Bloemendhal Shooting At Ravi K’s Supporters

&#8220The most current incident of violence which took spot at Bloemendhal Road, Colombo clearly demonstrates the plans of these elements who reject the culture of good governance and their intent on winning elections by unleashing terror.&#8221 says the United National Party.

Ravi KarunanayakeIssuing a statement the General Secretary of United National Party, Kabir Hashim mentioned &#8220The United National Celebration vehemently condemns this attack on a group of people who were peacefully engaged in Minister Ravi Karunanayake’s election campaign.

&#8220We will not leave room for retarding our efforts to establish a civilized political culture in Sri Lanka by this kind of uncivilized incidents. The Commissioner of Elections up to now has been able to conduct a peaceful election campaign inside the atmosphere of very good governance ushered in on 8th of January. It has been created attainable due to the clear stance of this government against acts of terror and lawlessness. We would like to emphatically state that we will not enable this type of cowardly brutal attacks to reverse the victory of very good governance. We request the safety establishment to initiate an immediate investigation into in this incident.

&#8220The United National Party in deep sorrow of the demise of a female party activist, who was killed for the duration of the election campaign supporting the celebration in its endeavor to consolidate the already accomplished victory of excellent governance, offers its deep condolences to the members of the bereaved family members. We also want speedy recovery to all our celebration members and other individuals who are hospitalised with serious injuries. We stress the need to be firm and not get discouraged by isolated incidents of this nature and all political parties, candidates and activists collectively act resolutely to make certain a peaceful election in the course of the next few days and attain our objective of consolidating very good governance.&#8221

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