Sri Lanka war crimes

Senator Lee Rhiannon (NSW Green)
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UN Beneath-Secretary-General for Political Affairs briefs media on Secretary-Basic Ban Ki-moon’s current trip to Sri Lanka at United Nations press conference …
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3 replies on “Sri Lanka war crimes”

These rich nations are playing and selling arms. We stupid people are
killing our own people and becoming poor and poor every day. For the big
powers it is only a game. They will talk and go and have a big lunch with a
cigar. Why can’t we open our eyes and stop the war today. Atleast the
ordinary people should come together and say enough is enough. We can talk
about revenge and fight for another 30 years and make the rich countries
richer or live in peace. The choice is ours.

Group of children in a big summit called UNHRC. But the sad thing is, the
same group of children have been given the power of decision making on the
international issues. Be careful, it is like the old story of the monkey
and the king, THE SWORD IS IN WRONG (Monkey’s) HANDS.

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