Ven. Watareka Wijitha Speaks against racial hatred

a Fantastic Speech by Ven. Watareka Wijitha against racial components in Sri Lanka.

Ruthless_Part II

Massacre of disabled and wounded cadres and civilians by the LTTE in Mullaivikkal on 17 May 2009 – Ministry of Defence and Urban Improvement,Sri lanka.
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Tho chewaraya galawala ona dayak karaganin api dannawada uba amma thatha
sinhalada hambada kiyaoa kalakanniya yako budunta gal paraluwa dawadatha
kohada sarwa agamikabwanna .budun dasana kala maga darmaya winasa karannan
maga darmayama bihewawe ahama akak thami hammba watarakaya .yako apa
pansala gawa gathanagarayak karanna apa.

Bush the father called Sandra de Occonor a supreme court judge and got her
to get 4/5 decsicion that made Bus 2 the President. ( Free Judiciory –
under the influence ) . Election was rigged. We Americans love stability at
home. Nobody rebeled here, had they made noise , our free media will not
talk about such. We protect our country. Even our Democrats including Al
Gore had learned to live with such. If something like that happened else
where BBC will fuel rebelion.

@humankind2004 . I met a lot of tamil girls happily married to sinhlese
boys and viz vs. Go take a look, I don’t know your gender or sexual
preference, you will find a nice partner, even gays live freely there .

For the sake of stability in the West We accept a lot of crimes and
injustice. BBC and the UN is used to magnify small issues in the third
world to destabilize those nations . We no how to spend our resources,
China killed thousands in Tinaman square. IRA was suppressed by killing.
Iraq, afghanistan , BBC will always come up with their spin.Brian washed
ones who know nothing fall prey to the BBC. I

I sincerely hope the international community who are supporters of this
ruthless terrorist organization,will come to their senses,after seen these
brutalities by the LTTE. Although these docs: are bit late,may be its
better than nothing.

@humankind2004 Buy a dictionary. Go and check out so many tamils walking
arond everywhere in Srilanka. Genocide of sinhalese happened in tiger
areas. They also kicked out Tamil muslims ( they are tamil speakers, isn’t

Fuck LTTE terror forever,i hate them.This LTTE terror destroyed Sri lankan
economics more then 30 years, now the times tamil peoples also get freedom
from LTTE.

Tamil guy in the USA came as a recipient of a fullbright , was a big tiger
supporter, was working under an American guy , he was always under the
command, never allowed to rise. everytime he tried to rise above was pushed
. He had ideas and knowledge, the boss got mad fired him.The westerner will
never allow any other to rise. Here in the US or in UK the natives will
never allow the country to be distabilized . Bush literally was selected by
the supreme court to be the President.

@humankind2004 whose genocide ?. There is plenty of tamils living in
Srilanka. May be you watched a BBC spin. Go and see . Tamil is taught in
schools to all. No caste system there. You should go. You can get get Tamil
food in Clombo. They live in ab

@humankind2004 . I met a lot of tamil girls happily married to sinhlese
boys and viz vs. Go take a look, I don’t know your gender or sexual
preference, you will find a nice partner

@MegaContented hey fker we are all worrying about a genocide, which has
been done by the Genocidal SriLankan Government for 60 years. you r
joking……. mofker

haha director of this film should learn more. This people acting are bad,
they havent any emotions. Stop doing fake videos.

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