Thisara Perera post match – Jan 28th

Sri Lanka’s Thisara Perera chats to CATV following taking a two- win in the KFC T20 International Series.

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20 replies on “Thisara Perera post match – Jan 28th”

G’day is how you say it, alright, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have
to follow your shortened form of speaking. We say Good Day, which by the
way is pronounced the exact same way as G’day.

“What was going through your head at the top of the mark.” Waste as much
time as possible! You fucking SLIMY cheats!

These ignorant pricks are picking excuses for the fact that Maxwell failed
to hit the ball. They are trying to talk about poor sportsmanship when the
whole world knows that when it comes to sportsmanship SL is in a much
higher scale than Aus. They are picking about wasting time when none of the
officials have made any comment or complaint about it. And they are picking
about bowler’s attitude when loads of Aus bowlers have done the same thing
(tait abusing Dilshan coz he hit a 6, etc).

I dont care how you say it, my point was that what you say was derived from
what I said, which in turn means that you are an absolute and ultimate, 1st
class imbecile. Now go away, get off your computer, do something
productive, and quit being a pain in the ass to all these people here.

“G’Day” is a shortened form of the term “Good Day”, genius. Good job being
the ignorant, inbred racist by the way. Keep it up, you’re nothing but a
dancing monkey to most of us.

Why would it matter if they take time its not like they were going to stop
one ball early because they were running slow

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